Alanya invites you to take on an exciting journey through historic, cultural, and the natural sightseeing sites. Of course, everyone wants to see everything out there while having some fun in the sun, swim in the sea, dance at the local club, do the shopping, sit at the restaurant with a nice meal, have a walk through the city streets, take a journey through the sea, and go up high in the mountains... Well, you get the idea! Now, let us try to bring all the "I wish to" and "I really need to" in an order.

We offer the largest range of sightseeing tours and tourist trips in the city of Alanya and the surrounding area. In addition, we organize sightseeing tours for Alanya tourists in Turkey, as well as sea travel trips to Greece and Cyprus. We provide individual approach, both group and individual tours (according to request specifics and financial capabilities of the client). We offer a high professional level service at the most affordable prices. Call or send us a message any time!

One should remember that Alanya carries a great historic and cultural potentials. All the things that the nature has given to Alanya is the wealth that the words can barely describe! One should make it clear as to where to go first. We would like to give you a short guide through the city, so you get to know what is out there. As you might already know, Alanya is located in a most beautiful lagoon that is surrounded by the mountain landscapes. The city is famous for being home to one of the longest city boulevard in Turkey that lasts for almost 35 km. Alanya is the owner of the most beautiful and purest beach called Kleopatra. It has unique golden sand and a comfortable entrance to the sea. At the very center of the city there is a port for the luxuty cruise ships. In the Alanya mountains, on the very shore of the Mediterranean Sea, there is a stalactite cave called Damlatas (sounds Dam-la-tash), which has the healing air that does wonders to the human system of basically any person. Then, there is a famous Alanya's Castle, Red Tower of Alanya, Middle Ages castle complex that surrounds the top of the peninsula just like a crown, and, finally, the famous cable car (see the banner Alanya Teleferik) that brings the visitors high in the mountains to the main gates of the Alanya's castle. You can see all of this and more during one trip only.



Visit to the panoramic site of Alanya. Visit the Damlatas cave in Alanya, which has been open in 1948. They call it the cave of "the stones in drops" - meaning that the talk goes of stalactites and stalagmites, the age of which is already more than 15 thousand years. Right then, you can stop to bathe at the amazing Kleopatra beach. As the next step, take a foto break at the Alanya's Castle (the castle has been built by Seljuks in XIII century). The Castle of Alanya is one of the most important monuments in the city and a true pride of the locals. In addition to that, it is the only Seljuk Castle that has remained until now in an entire world. Next, there is another foto-break at the Red Tower (Kizil Kule - the main tourist site in Alanya, the symbol of the city). This castle has been built by Seljuks in XIII century.


The tourist trip continues with the dinner in a restaurant at the Dim Cay (sounds as 'Deem Chai') river. There will be a stop for some swimming, while the ones who like to go fishing can also fish in the river. Now those who prefer the quiet can use the swimming pool at the restaurant's territory. Dim Cay is one of the most popular and unusual places for leisure among the locals who come here for the family breakfasts, romantic dating or just the friendly picnics. You can also see an incredible picturesque valley, which is located in 6km away from Alanya's center towards the Mahmutlar district, right on a mountain Dim Cay river, which takes its beginning in the mountain tops called Konya, around 200 km away from where it enters the Mediterranean Sea. Right after the dinner time, you can visit the dam at the Dim Cay river. Now the true pleasure that awaits you all is looking through the myriad of orange and the lemon tree gardens and groves, and the banana plantations. Right after that you can visit the village Mosque. The overview tourist trip includes a lot of the most interesting places, a lot of useful information, amazing photos, great mood, and absence of tiresome trips through the shops that never seem to end! Now for those who want to find out more about every corner of the region and receive the most impressions and the memories, you have a chance to take the numerous tourist trips through the neighbourhoods and outskirts of Alanya, the talk of which can be found below.



Choosing this tourist trip tour, you are guaranteed to spend a great day with lots of positive emotions, an inflow of inner strength and a top class mood. The contents of this trip is one of a kind and no one will get bored. This tourist trip offers the following: you go to the mountains on the Jeeps. The Toros mountains surround Anatolian Gulf from all the sides. They attract the tourists with their picturesque combination with the bays at the Mediterranean Sea. Right in the heart of the mountains is the famous Lake Egirdir, on the picturesque shores of which are the towns called Edirgir and Yalvac. This place is famous for its numerous historical sights.


This tourist trip offers one to stop at the most beautiful places as far as the route continues. You can enjoy the panoramic views and take pictures. They will also invite you to visit the Turkish village. You will be able to buy the Gozleme bread from the locals and also find out more about the daily life of people that live in the remote mountain villages. The tour includes the visit to the Mosque and the Museum of Life. You will see the fruit gardens and will be able to taste the fresh fruits straight from the trees that grow there. Next, there is a stop for the dinner time at the restaurant next to the mountain river with the waterfalls. Usually, the dinner +1 non-alcohol drink are already included in the price of the trip. There will also be swimming, fishing, paintball and... the little surprises. In conclusion of the tourist trip tour you will visit the Dim Cave. It is the largest and the most beautiful cave in Alanya. The length of the cave is 360 meters and the height is around 15 meters. Coming inside the cave, you will see an amazing variety of stalactites and stalgmites (different shape and colours), and also the little natural cave lake at the very end of the cave. The entrance is not free. Make sure that you take your cmera with you. We advice you to have good tourist shoes along and a bottle of water, sun shield cream, a cap or a hat that will save you from the sun beams and the heat, and the medication that you may need to take, just in case.



The tourist trips on quaddrocycles represent the most amazing adventure through the mysterious paths and lanes of Alanya's mountains. The mountain rivers will follow the traveller to the top of the hills and towards the shady ravines. As you follow the path, as if out of nowhere, you will see the fairy-tale like mountain villages where everyone can have some rest and divde into the world that is untouched by the fuss and the vanity of the present times. Literally in every few meters, one can find the places for the picnic that are specially equipped for the tourists. As you move further along, the sights and the landscapes will change as well. The pine groves will be changed for the deserted paths. The mountain like will become a pleasant surprise for the tired traveller, so it is good to make sure that you have the swimming suits along. Now what does one do if he or she has never been on a quaddrocycle before? No worries at all! The special spots will have all the necessary learning programs and the training sessions. If it will be insufficient, just hop on the back of the skilled instructor and enjoy the trip as the passenger! We should remind you once again that you should take at least one bottle of water for a person, sun screen cream, good and comfortable tourist or hiking footwear, and have the headwear as well. If you take your swim shorts and swimming accessories, it will be great as well!



A sea trip on a giant yacht is a great opportunity to get to know the shoreline of Alanya. During your sea trip on the yacht, which starts at Alanya's harbor, you will visit the Pirate's Cave, the Lover's Cave, the Phosphor Cave, the Dirt Cave, the Kleopatra Beach, Ulas Beach, and the Pasa Beach. The yacht will stop for several times, so you can swim or bathe at the best places of entire shore. During the sea trip, you will see lots of sea life and may even be lucky to see the dolphins and the sea turtles. The friendly staff of the yacht or a ship and the non-stop restless animators will create a great party environment for both young and old alike. Now the soap party on one of the ship's decks is an obligatory attribute of such sea trip that brings so much fun!


The upper decks of the yacht or a ship have the places where you can catch some tan, which will greatly save your time and will not let you waste a minute that is meant for catching the bronze skin due to the Mediterranean sun. You won't get hungry during the trip as the tasty dinner is meant to satisfy these needs! For the tourists who can't stand the heat and the sun, but still wants to get on a sea trip, there is a great chance to visit a night disco on the deck of the modern cruise ship. You can not only dance there, but also have some rest at the cozy tables. We should note that the cost of the tour already includes all the drinks. All you have to do is simply get aboard and have fun to your heart's content!



The city of Alanya is a territory that is surrounded by the sea from several sides, pierced by the numerous bays with the unique passages that lead to the local rivers. The fish hunting should be separated for the sea fishing and the lakes or rivers fishing. The sea fishing in Alanya is a great and an unique past time, a true gift for everyone who likes to live at a slow pace of life, for those who are ready to sit for hours with the fishing rod, feeling the pleasure from the process and from the final result alike. For those who dream of meeting the morning stars and the sun and see the striking sea sunset, - it is exactly the right trip! The Mediterranean Sea is a true treasure pot of unusual fishes. To catch one of them is already a reason to celebrate for any fishing fan. The sea fishing is organized by taking all the wishes of the travellers into consideration, as well as the peculiarities of how the local waters run and the migration of the fish. The Turkish fishing is not only a great opportunity to get busy with what you really like, but also a great time of leisure in the open air in a tiny company and the guidance of the skilled fishermen. Finally, it is your chance to enjoy the most beautiful next-to-the-shore landscapes and the sights that take one's heart away. The sea fishing is organized with the help of comfortable ships and the boats, equipped with the modern, professional equipment. There is also a chance to organize so-called individual tuors, as well as to fish in the company of several people. The result of your work will turn into the tasty dish with the help of the ship's or a boat's captain, who is usually also a great cook!


Let us remind you again that fishing in Alanya is not restricted by the sea fishing alone! The rivers and the lakes of our region invite you to take a wonderful trip through the endless fishing opportunities. One of such places is so called "green canyon". The people of any age will be excited beyond belief from the unusual nature, from the emerald and crystal clear water. We should not that the freshwater reservoirs of Alanya's region will make you happy with their freshness and the coolness even in the hotest summer time. In such natural conditions, it is no wonder that there are lots of trout species of fish, not to mention the other freshwater inhabitants. The fishing risks to turn into an easy trip! Even without fishing, the travellers will have a lot that will catch their eye and attention. As you swim at the boat, you will see the enchanting view of the fruit plantations that last for miles and miles along the pierced shores that remind of Norwegian fjords. However, it is not everything there is to the fishing in Alanya! If you buy a property or rent an appartment or a villa next to the river's flow or by the lake, then you also have a chance to fish right from the porch of your own house at any time that fits you best!



Thanks to the rich underwater world, the diving in Alanya grows in popularity. It is a great chance to get to know the underwater world and reveal the varity of flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea. Not far from the sea shore, one can find the places that are perfect for diving. In most cases, there are fourteen spots used for diving with the depth that ranges from three and up to forty meters. The authorites of Alanya were the first who have equipped the underwater artificial riff. With this aim they have sank the old ship of the Turkish Sea Patrol. The diving takes place as from the ship, as well as from the shore.


They recommend to go diving early in the morning because it is exactly when the weather is most stable. The organizing of the diving is at a very high level. According to the rules, they sign you up in the list before the diving and pass it on to the sea patrol. One should fill in the medical card and agree to the possible risks. Only then you will receive an allowance for diving. If you do not have an experience of diving into the depths of the sea, the experienced instructors will teach you of all the skills of underwater trips. Remember that a human being lives in a water for nine months of his or her life!


Without a doubt, rafting down the river is one of the most unusual and unforgettable adventures in Alanya. A peaceful rafting down the upper stream and flow of the Koprulu Canyon river is changed by the aggressive overcoming of the barriers and the thresholds. You will be surrounded by the unique nature that has been "untouched by the progress". The source of the Koprulu river is located on the peaks of the Taurus Mountains. A great amount of river streams and the underground sources of natural water fill the mountain river, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea next to the Serik village of Antalya's province, overcoming the myriads of canyons and the steep gorges. The beginning of the rafting trip is located next to the antique, yet still active Oluk bridge where the river forms some kind of a pool. Here the instructors explain the basics of the rowing techniques. This is exactly the place where they learn and starts with the rafting trip. The more experienced start their rafting trip a bit higher with the flow.


The length of the river route is around 14 km. Right after passing of several thresholds, the flow of teh Keprulu river slows down all of a sudden. The travellers get a chance to rest a little bit and enjoy the beautiful nature. In around ten kilometers more, the participants will once again reach the concrete bridge, which is a signal for conclusion of the basic difficulty passage. The participants who are sure in their skills and strength can continue rafting down the river where there are more dangerous and exciting routes awaiting for them!



Paragliding is a very popular and a trendy sport not only in Alanya, but all over the world. In order to fly high above the beautiful city and the sea, you do not have to be filled with muscles like an increddible Hulk or be someone like a superman with the stellar strength. Seriously though, Paragliding means that you glide with the paraglide, right on the wing that is made out of fabric. The word "paraglide" came out from the mixture of words "parachute" and the verb "to glide". The paraglide does not have a motor or an engine, it is the glider with the soft double-camera wing, which is inflated through the air inlets by the oncoming air flow. The lifting force is created due to the flow of air around the wing profile. Airspeed is limited only by the drag force of the wing, the sling, and the pilot himself. The stored height is spent on overcoming the resistance force. Paragliding gradually plans, that is, reduces the height. However, it does not reduce it quickly, since the lifting force of an ascending air flows is being used.


Paragliding in Alanya is one of the most fascinating and amazing adventures, which allows seeing the Earth from the bird eye's view. It is a chance to feel yourself free and independent. You can get your adrenaline rush and an inflow of strength, as well as overcome your fears and insecurity. You can see all the beauty of the sea shore and the blue waters that shine with all the possible colours. Remember that you can enjoy the mountain hills as you fly! So when you pass by the Kleopatra and hear a friendly: "Do you want to fly?", you will know that you are in the right place!



To the East from Alanya there is a beautiful Sapadere canyon. It is a true wonder of nature that has to be seen! The canyon is filled with the cool and refreshing air and right between the hills there flows an incredibly pure and cold water, which the inhabitants of the nearby villages use as the drinking water. It is a true Paradise on Earth! Steep, high hills are surrounded by the tiny ponds of emerald color, in which the water flow is rapidly falling from the great heights.


Sapadere Canyon is a unique and an obligatory place for a visit. During the organized tourist trip, the walk through the Canyon usually takes around one hour. Along the hanging walls of the canyon, there is a walking lane that is built out of wood and is pretty comfortable for walking. The length of this route is around 530 meters. The travellers can try and bathe in the special places. Still, be aware that the temperature of water does not go higher than 12'C. The crystal clear air will fill your lungs with lightness and the waterfall will catch your eye right away. Trust us, it takes some effort to force yourself to leave from this monastery of peace and tranquility.

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