On a given section of the website, we have tried to put all the important information together, which will help you to understand

all the details related to mortgage registration in Turkey for the foreign citizens,
a list of all the necessary legal documents,
the paper work stages, and also the ways how to do all the power of attorney work in Turkey,
the options and the methods of money transfers in Turkey when you want to pay for your property in Alanya,

We shall tell you about what exactly is necessary in order to start a company in Turkey, including the detailed description of the papers that you should have available. Still, what is the most important - we give the details of all the stages and financial work that relates to the real estate registration in Turkey, Alanya, including the annual property taxes.

As we proceed, we shall tell you about all the details of public services payment in Alanya with the detailed prices and the differences that might come peculiar for the countries where the rules are a bit different. Yet, what is even more important, we have tried to explain the rules for the foreigners that want to inherit the property in Turkey.

In order to make your presence in Alanya safe, we shall give you all the phones of emergency and the urgent services in Alanya. The city services, police, hospitals, postal service, - you can find it all at the bottom of the page. You can call all of the specified phone numbers toll free both from the landline and mobile phones.

The Mortgage in Alanya, Turkey

In 2007, the Turkish government has made an important decision, according to which all the processes of obtaining mortgage loans in Turkey are regulated at the legislative level, thus allowing not only the Turkish citizens, but also the foreigners to take a mortgage loan. At its core, a mortgage is a type of lending in which the property itself that is being acquired serves as a collateral for the transaction for the property agreement. In other words, the property becomes a property only at the time of the repayment of an entire amount of the debt that is on the mortgage.

Thanks to the new opportunities for the foreign mortgages in Turkey, the demand for the real estate has moved into a new field where the foreigners have acquired an opportunity to purchase the expensive real estate offers, paying the high sums in duration of the several years. Another important aspect is that the legislation of Turkey allows you to take mortgage on both completed and in-progress construction, which allows the prospective Client (future property owner) to choose the most optimal option that suits both in terms of the cost and location of an object.

The Terms of Mortgage Lending For The Foreign Citizens in Turkey:

The terms and conditions of mortgage lending for the foreign citizens in Turkey differ, depending on the bank of choice and the property itself. Nevertheless, the terms are most frequently quite profitable for the foreign citizens that are interested in Alanya's real estate:

• The interest rate is 6-8% - in dollars and euros, then around 14% - in Turkish Liras;

• The loan period - from 1 month to 10 years;

• An initial payment is 40-60% of the estimated value of the property;

• The minimum payment amount is 10 thousand euros;

• The maximum loan amount for the foreign citizens is up to 50% of the estimated cost of the property being purchased;

• The commission when making an agreement is 0,5–1%;

• The borrower's age: from 21 years to 70 years (i.e., the borrower must be 70 years old on the day of the end of the loan period);

• An amount of the monthly payment should not exceed 35-40% of the declared monthly income of the borrower;

• The commission for making monthly payments is, on the average, equal to 1%, provided that the debt is repaid in the US dollars;

• The commission for the early repayment of the loan is 1-2%.

The Mortgage Loan Paperwork Steps in Turkey:

1. The first step that you have to take is to select a property in order to make a purchase in the morgage.

2. Then follows the choice of the bank itself and the preparation of all the documents necessary in order to obtain a mortgage loan. It is important to remember that the credit conditions themselves and a list of required documents may very from bank to bank in Turkey. Therefore, it is always necessary to specify the individual requirements, depending on the institution chosen.

3. The next step is to receive your tax number. At this particular stage, you need to come to Turkey and contact the tax authorities. In order to do this, you must present your passport that will allow you to receive a tax number.

4. The real estate appraisal and estimation stage. On the average, an independent specialist's evaluation of the real estate object takes up to 3 business days. This service is paid.

5. The next step is an appeal to the bank. In order to do so, you must contact the bank of your choice for a loan and have all the necessary documents in place. Then you have to make your initial payment, the down payment, pay a one-time fee for a mortgage loan and, of course, sign the contract.

6. The last step is the registration of an ownership and the rights to the property in the Registration Chamber of Turkey. Completing this step, you will be issued a certificate of ownership with a note on the mortgage encumbrance.

The Power of Attorney in Turkey

In the case of purchasing the real estate in Turkey, the buyer must come to Turkey for several times in order to process the documents. Wishing to save you the precious time and money on travels to Turkey, we want to tell you that you have an opportunity to issue a power of attorney in order to transfer the documents signature rights and to represent your interests in the governmental structures to an authorized person. This may be a person to whom you can fully trust with your legal paper work or a realtor agent in Alanya. A trustee receives the right to obtain a TAPU document (ownership for property), as soon as all the registration stages have been completed.

In order to execute a power of attorney, it is necessary to apply to the Turkish notariate agency. The procedure itself does not take you more than 1-2 hours. The time frame depends on the workload of notary specialists.

In order to execute a power of attorney in Turkey, you must provide:

• 2 passport size photos. Under the Turkish law, a power of attorney's agreement must also include the photo of the principal;

• a certified translation of the entrant's passport, which may be obtained at the same notary office before a power of attorney document is issued.

In the event that a principal does not possess the skills of the Turkish language, the services of an interpreter will be needed. As a rule, the translation services and all the relevant information will be provied to you by most notaries in Alanya.

As soon as the notary receives all the necessary documents, a specialist will prepare a standard power of attorney document, in which the following information will be indicated:

• the notary data;

• the information about the principal;

• the information about the trustee;

• a list of functions that the principal may perform;

• a photocopy of the principal's passport on the back side of the power of attorney document.

By issuing a power of attorney for the real estate transactions, you risk nothing, since the presence of a power of attorney document does not transfer the real estate rights to another person since it is YOUR personal data and a photo that will be specified and indicated in the TAPU (real estate ownership) document. In addition, it is necessary to take it into account that the power of attorney in Turkey is issued for an unlimited period, therefore, as soon as you complete all the necessary operations for the transaction and steps for the deal, it is desirable to revoke the power of attorney document.

In addition to the issues of the real estate acquisition, the Turkish laws allow you to issue a power of attorney in the following cases:

• rent and sale of the real estate in Turkey;

• property management in Turkey;

• execution of the banking operations on your behalf;

• investing and using money funds on your behalf;

• filing of lawsuits and participation in the lawsuits;

• an implementation of the tax transactions.

The average cost of a power of attorney in Turkey is approximately 220-250 Turkish liras. The cost of a foreign passport certification is about 60 Turkish liras. The translation services will cost you approximately 100-150 TL. If there is a necessity of the multiple copies of the power of attorney documents, each copy will cost about 90-100 TL.

The Ways to Transfer Money to Turkey

Deciding to acquire the real estate property in Turkey, each person inevitably asks himself or herself a questions about the ways how to transfer the money for the property. The specialists of our company are ready to help you receive the detailed information related to financial matters when and if you decide to buy a property in Alanya.

The possible ways to pay when you buy the Turkish property:

1. The bank money transfer to the seller's account or to the account of the construction company.

As soon as you have entered into a contract about the sale or a purchase of a property or a share lot in construction, you can transfer the required amount of money from your current payments account in the country of your residence directly to the seller's account (or of a construction company or the owner) or pay to the real estate agency in Turkey, which will be indicated in the contract.

2. The opening of a personal bank account and the transer of funds.

The specialists of our company are ready to assist you in opening of your personal bank account in a Turkish bank to which you can transfer the funds, and from which you can later pay for the acquired property via the bank transfer or withdrawal and transfer of the cash required directly to the property's owner.

3. The bank transfer from a legal entity.

It goes without saying that you can pay for the purchase of the real estate in Alanya using the current bank account of your company or any other legal entity by making a money transfer to the account of the construction company or an owner of the acquired property. In this case, it can be both a legal entity and an individual with a reference to the contract signed. It should be noted that there are no restrictions of any kind in Turkey in terms of the bank transfers and the cash withdrawals.

4. The cash payment option.

It is also possibly to legally pay the entire amount of money using the cash payment option. The legislation of Turkey allows you to important an amount of up to 10 000 dollars in cash without a necessity of declaring it. However, you have a right to important a larger amount of money, yet you have to make sure that it is declared. At the end of the year, you will simply have to pay the appropriate tax.

In case you decide to important the cash funds into the country, you must have a document with you that can confirm the origin of money, which can be, as an example, a currency purchase check or a bank statement confirming that the money has been withdrawn from the account.

5. The payment with a plastic card option.

This particular option of payment and withdrawal of funds for the purchase of a real estate in Turkey is possible only through an ATM by withdrawing the cash. At the same time, there is a daily limit on cash withdrawals through an ATM.

6. The traveler's / Road Checks.

An advantage of this option is that it is a safer way to transport the funds in cash because the traveler's checks are registered and can be easily restored in a case of loss. We want to remind you that you should pay attention to the fact that the transfer of funds in cash also contains (involves) a certain percentage sum.

7. The use of the International Money Transfer Systems (Western Union, as an example).

Thanks to the international money transfer systems, you can also make financial transactions in order to pay for a property in minutes from almost any location all over the world without opening of a bank account. Commission for this payment option is from 1 to 10%, depending on the amount of funds that you transfer and the payment system being used.

We have described the most common ways to transfer the funds when you are ready to pay for a property purchase in Alanya. We hope that we have helped you to find the answers to the general questions related to payment for the real estate by offering the existing methods and options of financial transactions. Remember that the specialists of Dream Alanya Real Estate Agency will be happy to provide you with all the necessary assistance and advice on the choice of the best ways to buy an apartment or a villa in Alanya that fits your personal circumstances and the needs.

What is necessary to open / register a company in Turkey?

Registering of a status of a legal entity in Turkey, Limited irketi, in particular, may become necessary in several cases at once:

• the buyer is not able to buy a property in Turkey on behalf of an individual for any reason. The problem can be settled down by opening of a legal entity status and the registration of a property on it;

• the buyer plans to lease the property;

• the buyer plans to conduct a business in Turkey.

The status of a legal entity that can be opened by a non-resident of a country has an organizational and a legal form called Limited irketi, which is equal to the Limited Liability Company (LLC) status.

A great advantage for the foreign citizens in this matter is that the procedure for opening of the Limited irketi is not any different than it is for the Turkish citizens. The only fundamental difference is that only a certified accountant has a right to submit all the documents for registration and an amendment. The founder of the company does not have a legal right to prepare and submit the papers in order to register a company. When one registers the Limited irketi status, one or two founders are possible, where the second founder can also be a foreigner or a citizen of Turkey.

A list of the necessary documents in order to register a company in Turkey:

• Notarized copies of the passport.

• Notarized residence permit in Turkey.

• Notarized signature examples of the company's founders.

• Photo sized 3 4.

• The tax number(s) of the founders.

• The number of a foreign national in Turkey.

• The certificate from the district's administration confirming the address of a current residence.

The cost of the real estate paper work in Turkey

In the case of buying a property in Turkey, the buyer bears the additional costs associated with the acquisition of the property. These include the following taxes and fees:

• a payment of the state duty at the beginning of the TAPU registration - 200 Turkish Liras;

• the paperwork services - 300-400 Turkish Liras;

• jury (state) interpreter services - 100-150 Turkish Liras;

• a payment of the state duty on real estate (one-time tax payment), which is 3% of the cadastral value of the property. As a rule, this cost is lower than the market value of the apartment;

• an insurance of the property against earthquakes and the natural disasters. On average, the price is 900-100 Turkish Liras;

The annual property taxes in Turkey

Our company's goal is to provide you with the clear information about what expenses exactly you will incur when purchasing real estate in Turkey. First of all, the talk goes about the annual taxes:

• the tax on non-commercial real estate is 0.3% of the specified value in TAPU (property's ownership confirmation) document;

• the tax on commercial real estate is 0.4% of the specified value in TAPU document;

• the tax on land without permission to carry out construction work is 0.2%;

• the tax on a plot of land acquired for construction is 0.4%.

The Utilities Payments in Alanya

The total amount of what you have to pay for the utilities in Alanya may vary depending on the location of your property and the presence of infrastructure among other factors. In every residential complex in Alanya there is a payment installation rule, which is clearly indicated by the Turkish word "Aidat". This "Aidat" payment is a special kind of expenses that resemble the usual rent payment for most of us. Still, let us note that there is no rent payment per se in Turkey that we are used to. "Aidat" is a fee for the maintenance and service of a detached apartment building or a residential complex that includes the garbage removal, cleaning of the local area, the main entrances, halls, staircases, maintenance of the elevator, swimming pool, garden, organized areas, the basements, general cleaning of the complex, and the other services, depending on the infrastructure included. Depending on the infrastructure's wealth and development and the quality of the residential complex and the range of services provided, this "Aidat" payment can vary from 10 to 150 EUR per month. Of course, it can go even as low as 6 EUR, if the infrastructure does not include much or if the residential complex's council has agreed for the price. For example, if you have purchased an apartment in Alanya in a residential complex with a swimmming pool, garden, parking lot, children's playground, fitness rooom, sauna, tennis court, and the other amenities, then you will have to pay from 50 to 100 Euros per month for the maintenance of all the infrastructure of the residential complex that you can use for free as much as you wish to. Essentially, you always know and see what you pay for!

The prices for electricity in Alanya are 0.11-0.15 Euro per kW per hour, depending on the time of the day. With an average consumption of about 250-300 kW, the amount of your payment will be about 30-35 Euros per month.

The prices for the water in Alanya are about 1 Euro per cubic meter. With an average consumption of 15-20 cubes per month for water, the payment will be 15-20 Euros per month.

In Alanya, as well as on the entire Mediterranean coast of Turkey, the central natural gas supply has not yet been carried out, so you will need to use imported gas in cylinders. The cost of one 8-liter gas bottle in Alanya is approximately 20 EUR.

The Inheritance of Property in Turkey by the Foreign Citizens

The wills that have been made by the foreign nationals in their own countries of residence can be legally executed on the territory of the Republic of Turkey. In order to do this, the heir or a heiress must provide a court letter from his or her country, certified by the Turkish consulate. The next step involves sending of a letter to the court at the physical location of the property. Further on, the court will issue an official document that will allow the transfer of property. After this stage is complted, the letter along with all the documents is presented to the appropriate State Office for the registration of the TAPU (property's ownership) document.

We would like to note that for this type of a transfer of an ownership, there is no need for permission from the Military Department of Turkey. Any kind of the other restrictions in this case do not apply as well.

When interiting property, you will need to pay inheritance tax. In the event that the heir sells this particular property, he or she is exempt from paying the tax, which is usually calculated on the basis of the declaration that is filed by the taxpayer. The declaration must be filed within four months period from the date of the death of the original owner. If the owner has died in Turkey and the taxplayer resides or is temporarily outside of the Republic of Turkey, the period for filing of such declaration extends to dix months. Yet, if the death of the original owner has occured outside of Turkey, and the taxplayer is also outside of the country, then the period for filing of the declaration is once again decreased for up to four months.

In the case of donation of property, the declaration is filed within one months after the transfer of property. The tax rate in Turkey is changing on an annual basis. There are some peculiarities and the discounts in the cases whne the property is inherited by the spouses and children (including adopted children). In such case, the taxable base will be less by 83,139 Turkish Liras per person. If the spouse is the only heir or a heiress of a real estate in Turkey, then it will be necessary to pay a fee in the amount of 0,9% of the value of this property at the Cadastrial Administration of the country.



• 444 82 07 - Alanya's City Hall

• 112 – Ambulance

• 154 – Traffic Police

• 155 – Police

• 444 8 207 - Municipal Police

• 156 – Gendarmerie

• 158 – Coast Guard

• 110 – Firefighters

• 177 - Forest Fire Service

• 184 - Medical Assistance by Telephone

• 185 - Plumbing

• 186 - Electricity

• Telegrams Phone Service - 141

• Assistance in case of an accident or a road accident - +90 242 247-06-99.

• Information Service (phones) - 118

• International Operator - 115

• Alarm Clock Phone Service - 135


• +(90 242) 513 19 61 – the main police station

• +(90 242) 513 19 05 – Alanya's road administration

• +(90 242) 513 10 03 – the main gendarmerie

• +(90 242) 513 12 40 – general information for the tourists

• +(90 242) 513 44 66 - Alanya's postal service


Alanya State Hospital: +90 242 513 48 41

Anadolu Private Hospital in Alanya: +90 242 522 62 62

Yaam Private Hospital: +90 242 512 14 55

Baskent Alanya's University Hospital: +90 242 510 25 25

Alanya's Dispensary: +90 242 513 21 41


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