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At a first glance, tennis may not be the most popular sport in Alanya, yet the situation seems to change each month. Yes, you have read it right - the climate of Alanya allows to play tennis all year round in the open air. There are several tennis centers in Alanya with the different type of courts' coverage. As an example, at the Cleopatra (Kleopatra) Beach, you can find both hard and clay tennis courts. The quality of the tennis courts will not only satisfy those who like to play in their free time, but will fit professional tennis players as well. The tennis centers have the discounts system, there are special abonement systems that decrease the cost of the rent for more than two times. In addition to that, in all the districts of Alanya, there are free concrete made sportsgrounds where one can play tennis as well because it has all the lines marked. One should note that a lot of residential complexes already have well-equipped tennis courts of a very high quality. The authorities and those who rent or buy the apartments can visit these sportsgrounds and tennis courts free of charge. By the request of the residents, the company that is responsible for the residential complex will make any necessary repair works, if such need may be. Such option will fit well for those who really love to play tennis, as well as for the professional tennis players who want to be able to train at any time they are able to, taking only 1-2 minutes by feet from the place of their residence. Feel free to check out the options that we offer on our website with the tennis courts because it is really worth checking out! We should also note that professional tennis players will be happy to find out about and participate in the Futures Series tournaments that take place weekly (except for the two summer months) that take place in 60 km from Alanya.

Professional ITF tennis players offer the following services: Tennis coach for children and adults. Hitting partners for any level of the game and tennis skills.


The tennis training takes places in the best tennis courts in Alanya - the Kleopatra beach. The tennis court surface: clay (two courts) and hard (two courts). The coaches speak the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian. You can get in touch by calling or leaving a message at Whatsapp or Viber at:

+7 499 703 21 03
+90 552 373 20 75
+44 20 3966 2362

The tennis trainings are held right at the beach under the cries of the seagulls and sounds of the waves. You will be encircled by the healing sea breeze with delightful picturesque landscapes that delight the eye. Playing tennis at the very sea line will greatly improve your physical fitness and a general well-being. The sea air and the favorable climate of Alanya will create the most suitable conditions for playing sports. The tennis coaches will try to develop a convenient daily routine of the trainings, in which you can safely combine physical activity, times of leisure, and the sightseeing of the city of Alanya, Turkey.

The tennis playing at the Cleopatra Beach tennis courts will help you to find like-minded individuals and learn from the experience and skills of true tennis professionals. Under the caring guidance of experienced masters, you can easily set your own sports records. Even though it all sounds like a dream, however, a team of dedicated sports professionals will turn your wildest dreams to reality! Come over, it's time to play tennis in Alanya!



Triathlon is not a sport, but a true test of the person's power of will and courage. Few times a year Alanya opens its doors to the brave sportsmen and sportswomen of all the age categories from all over the world. Crystal clear sea, amazing roads and a full cooperation of the authorities on all levels make Alanya one of the best cities in a world to hold triathlon competitions. There are no many places where you can see the central embankment and the street that leads to the sea fully crossed and closed for the competition along with the army of friendly policemen and policewomen that take care of the order and safety of the visitors and the sportsmen no matter what the level of the competition is. If you will be lucky to become a member of the audience in the triathlon competition, you will definitely start to swim, run at the long distances, and, of course, and ride a bicycle even if you have never done so before.

Water Sports


Even though there is an endless sea in Turkey, the Turkish sportsmen, with the rare exception to the rule, did not really reach much success in international competitions. Not wishing to live with such situations, the authorities of the Turkish Republic have walked an extra mile and have made the best efforts they could to change this situation. The Municipality of Alanya never stays away from these issues and always work hard at creation of all the necessary conditions for the development of the swimming sports. There are indoor swimming pools that open up in Alanya on a regular basis that work all the year round. There are organized groups for children as for the future sportsmen, as well as the groups that are specifically aimed at recreation. The people with the special needs and disability are always taken care of - the licensed and trained instructors will help the people with the special needs to overcome themselves and receive the most pleasure and profit from the swimming lessons and the fun activities. The women that wish to visit the swimming pool without a presence of the male members also have such opportunity. The seniors and the citizens of Turkey older than 65 years of age can visit the swimming pools free of charge.



Soccer is the king of the team sports and, without a doubt, the master of minds of all the male population of Alanya. When the self-titled club Alanya Spor, a club that is a true pride of Alanya, plays, then any movement or traffic just slow down and get quiet. You do not really have to be aware of all the things that happen during the game, you will definitely hear the latest score from any of the windows. Majority of cafes and the restaurants become a continuation of the soccer stadium. In case the place is not equipped with the TV set, the owner of the place will lead the broadcast of the match on his or her phone. As soon as the soccer game ends, the soccer life in the city does not end with that. There are lots of soccer fields with the artificial grass that are always ready to receive all that wish to kick the ball and play. The children's and youth soccer schools are at special attention among the authorities of the city. No matter how skilled and prepared you are, anyone who wishes to play can easily find a place to play, as well as the friendly mates of all ages that can play along with you.



Majority of professional cyclists of both genders have at least once in their sports career participated in the cycling races through the streets of Alanya. The competitions are being held at the highest official level, which can be seen by the presence of the high ranked officials as of the city, as well as of the region as a whole. The awards ceremony usually takes place next to the central monument to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. It can only speak enough about the importance of cycling for the residents of Alanya. One should also mention about the competitions in the "mountain bike" class. The mountains of Alanya have unique conditions for biking with the mountain bikes. Basically up to each mountain "dirt road" there is a steady and flat asphalt road. It allows to define the track for racing for any level of complexity. For those who like bicycle acrobatics there are several specialized tracks at the shore of the city. Even if you do not have a bike or could not take one along with you to Alanya, there is no need to despair and get sad at all! There are lots of places where you can rent a bike in Alanya with the bikes ranging from the ones for kids and up to professional mountain bikes at any price that fits you. The authorities seek for any opportunity to increase the amount of bicycle lanes because the popularity of cycling and the cycling trips in Alanya only increases and becomes a literal word of the day. We should also note that most apartment residencies have taken care of those who like cycling because there are bicycle parking lots at every apartment's entrance or storages where you can always keep your sports inventory. It is usually at the basement floor and, of course, you can store almost anything there to keep your apartment tidy and free!

Trainers and Fitness Equipment


The fitness equipment and trainer simulators of all kind that are in the streets are becoming more and more popular in Alanya in the diverse municipal spots that are suitable for active times of leisure. The street equipment for fitness can be found in all districts of Alanya and they represent a group of steppers, cardio-trainers, elipse-like simulators that help to keep you fit, as well as the fitness equipment that uses your own weight to get into action. Such set fits for all ages and the levels of physical skills. Both male and female Turks, young and old, keep themselves fit all the time and will become the main competitors of anyone who wants to visit the fitness equipment in the open air. Those who likes to get things rough will find all the necessary at the vast amount of the fitness centers that grow just like mushrooms after the rain. In addition to that, most of the residential complexes that our agency have come across, already have the basement floors well-equipped with the gyms and fitness equipment that can satisfy even the most professional sportsmen.

Children's playgrounds and the sportsgrounds


The love for children consolidates the people of Alanya even in a greater way than their love to the founder of Turkish Republic. It is one of the reasons why children's playgrounds can be found basically all along the line of the sea, in all the parks, and simply between the houses in each district. Children can play free in the classic sandboxes, ride through the slides, and rock back and forth on the swings. However, the authorities of the city do not just stop at that, trying their best to make the leisure times of the little ones as varied as it can be. The municipality sets up the playfields of the new type that contribute to development of cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and the spatial thinking. One should mention that the children's playgrounds are equipped with the soft floors and are always kept ideally tidy and clean. Next to the children's playgrounds are always picturesque flower beds, beautiful trees, and the bushes.

Olympic Indoor Swimming Pool of Alanya

One can swim in a warm water in Alanya not only in summer because the indoor Olympic swimming pool is open all year round. In accordance to the olympic standards, the dimensions of the swimming pool are 50 x 25 meters. The temperature of the water is always kept at +29°C, which allows to have swimming lessons even with the youngest children. The purity of water in the swimming pool is guaranteed with the observation of all the norms on purification and the stricted systematic control. The skilled and experienced swimming instructors will help not only the children to learn, but also will do their best to help the adults as well. In addition, there are special lessons for the disabled people and the seniors over 65 years of age. There is a children's swimming club. Three times a week there are work hours for the swimming pool that is strictly for women: Tuesday and Thursday from 19:30 until 21:30, and on Sunday from 09:00 until 11:00.


Address: Kzlarpnar cad. Otogar arkas No:57 Alanya (next to the intercity bus station). For more information call them at: 0242 511 3070

Tennis Academy Club "Turgay Soysal Tenis Akademisi" (Oba District)


The "Turgay Soysal Tenis Akademisi" tennis academy can be found in the Oba district in about three minutes of walk by feet from the beach. The tennis academy includes four clay tennis courts that are divided between themselves with the six meter long borders on the corners of the courts. The territory also includes the cafe with the closed and an open terrace where you can order a full meal or simply treat yourself to the famous Turkish tea in between the breaks of the tennis battles. The owner of the tennis club closely watches for the quality of the clay coverage. The latest general overhaul has been done in March of 2018, the top layer of the clay coverage (tennisit) has been replaced, the drainage system has been calibrated, the new windshield has been installed. Since the tennis complex defines itself as the academy, it becomes clear that anyone can rent a coach or a sparring partner.


The tennis academy can be found at: Alanya, Oba District. Contact phone: +90 (532) 421 96 55 (Viber, Whatsapp)

Alanya Tennis Club (Kleopatra Beach)


The tennis club that is located in 30 meters from the Kleopatra beach is an elite training complex of Anatolian shore. The embankment and the beach of the Kleopatra district is a true center of attention and sports on the shores of the Turkish Riviera. It is no wonder that the growing popularity of the sportsgrounds of the best beach in Alanya attracts both the visitors of the city and the locals alike. The tennis club offers two tennis courts with the hard coverage and two clay courts. Such variety of the court's coverage allows choosing the fitting program and training sessions for the players of the different level. There is a tennis school in the tennis club that is very successful and famous about the youngest tennis players and adults alike. Specially for the youngsters, there is a shortened tennis court that allows the children to adapt to this not so simple game. For the single fans of tennis in need of someone to play with, there are hitting (sparring) partner services, as well as the necessary tennis equipment that can be rented. The court with the hard coverage has a hitting wall to work out your techniques and skills. In order to make your times of leisure varied, one can visit professional volleyball and basketball courts with the free entrance for all. A variety of different cafes and restaurants that are located next to the tennis club make this place unique, allowing you to have some rest after the good game.


Alanya Tennis Club can be found at: Alanya, Kleoptra Beach. Contact phone: +90 (532) 482 84 56 (Whatsapp)