The Alanya's region is proud to show it's amazing sand and pebble beaches, and also with the mild seaside climate. Alanya fits for diverse kinds of leisure and simply for permanent residence! The families with the children, newly-wed, noisy youth companies and the older people are always happy to visit the beaches of Alanya. It was not so long ago, in the year 1958, there was a first modern hotel built in Alanya for the tourists (from Germany in the first place). Since those times, the resort, so to say, uses at least 100 km length of its sand beaches to the full degree. In addition to that, there are fresh rivers that flow into the sea from the mountains, which can be seen in numerous locations. The water in these beautiful rivers is cold even in summer. The beaches of Alanya are scattered around the perimeter of the coast, which reminds of a horseshoe with its outlines. A large coastline is divided into natural areas of cliffs, so there are beaches of different lengths and kinds. There are small and cozy bays that are hidden from the prying eyes and noise of the city, as well as the quite long narrow shores.

In general the coastline of the famous Alanya's resort is built upon the rocky rocks. The most common place to relax near the water consists of a sand-and-pebble beach. In addition, the city is famous for its fantastic sandy beaches, which are always chosen by the tourists who come along with the children. In addition, there is a large number of wild beahes that guarantee peace and quiet, solitude, a crystal clear water and a surprisingly clean air. All the beaches are well-equipped by the highest international standards. There are restaurants and the bars on the beaches, the shores are guarded by the private security services, while the sea is always guarded by the sea patrol.

The large hotels within the city always try to have their own spot by the sea. At the same time, this place will be definitely located within the public beach area. This makes it possible to walk freely, enjoying the Turkish flavor and choosing the most convenient places for leisure on your own.

The Turks always do their best to monitor the cleanliness of the beaches, therefore, the beaches all around Alanya are cleaned on a regular basis and their healthcare state is strictly monitored. The sand is always gently sifted, the garbage is cleaned on a daily basis. The beaches of Alanya have even been marked by the international "blue flag" standard, which is only given to the most well-groomed shores with the guaranteed swimming safety, ecologically clean water, equipped sanitary zones, staffed by the trained rescue and the medical teams. The high ecological purity of the coast in the area of Alanya is also ensured by the fact that there is no industrial fishing and that the large cargo ships do not enter the ports. There are no "harmful" or ecologically-damaging enterprises in Alanya. The whole industry of the city is aimed at serving of the tourists.

There are numerous cozy cafes and the bars located on the beaches, the sanitary conditions of which is monitored with a special attention and great care. The authorities pay close attention to the issue of security. The police patrols the streets and beaches of the city all the time, so you can truly feel safe at any time you decide to visit the beach. It should be noted that police does its work imperceptibly for the rest of the people. If it is necessary, police officers arrive as if out of nowhere in a matter of minutes, and the conflicts are always settled down.


The most famous of the beaches is the Kleopatra Beach in Alanya. This is a wide sandy beach that lassts for several kilometers and amazes the tourists and the locals with an amazing golden sand, a developed infrastructure, and the rich history. Once the territory of the modern city of Alanya was a major pirate center. Expanding to the east, the Roman Empire has put an end to the domination of pirates. In the 65 BC, the city became a part of the Roman Empire. Marc Anthony has presented the city and the adjecent territories to Cleopatra, who used the local cedar forests for the shipbuilding purposes. Cleopatra has transformed the area and made her beloved place for the leisure purposes. It is exactly the reason why one of the most beautiful beaches of Alanya and entire Turkey is named after her. The Kleopatra beach provides free entrance and the beach showers, changing cabins, paid parasols, and the sun beds. Security is provided by the employees of the private firms and the maritime service. Next to the beach there are: a well-equipped and well-built embankment, the elegant parks with the fancy groups of colorful fountains, sports grounds, tennis courts, fitness equipment, children's playgrounds, aquapark, cafes, restaurants, different water attractions, catamarans, water skiing, parasailing, and much more. The sand on the beach is truly gorgeous: coarse, with an admixture of the smooth small pebbles. In combination with each other, they give Cleopatra (Kleopatra) beach lots of advantages: the water is always clean and pure (even during the waves); the sand does not stick to your feet and does not stain the towels; walking on such sand is an extraordinary pleasure and the benefit for the legs; sand does not heat up even during the hot season, heating up moderately. The Cleopatra (Kleopatra) beach is awarded by the sign of the international "Blue Flag" ecology certificate. Behind the Damlatas and Cleopatra beaches (which are located next to each other), there are numerous hotels that are ready and happy to provide their services both for the tourists and the locals alike.

Tip: in a small distance from the Cleopatra (Kleopatra) beach one can find a Migros supermarket where you can buy the drinks and snacks at two times cheaper than on the beach.


Many tourists choose a more democratic municipal city beach called Damlatas beach, which is located next to the eponymous cave with the healing air and the fabuluous stalactites and stalagmites. This beach is quite picturesque and spacious, sandy with the wonderful boardwalks, laid between the sun loungers and the umbrellas. It is located at the foot of the cliff right next to the wonderful park with the numerous species of plants. The emerald waves crash against the rocks, giving us all the healing power of the sea breeze and the beauty of a rainbow, woven from the sunlight and the drops of the crystal clear sea water. Being on this beach, you can watch the movement of the transparent cabins on the cable car through the year as it takes the passengers high in the mountains, right to the gates of the ancient Alanya's Fortress. The aromas of dense vegetation that falls down with an emerald stream from the mountains, mix up with the sea breeze, as if wrapping you in a healing cocoon.


The families with the children should definitely visit the sandy Kayqubad beach, which is located to the east of the city's center. The length of the beach is about 3 kilometers. The Kayqubad beach is sandy, the entrance to the sea is shallow and smooth. This beach is recommended for the parents with the children. This beach is extremely beautiful and really worth a visit! It is Alanya's second most popular beach after Cleopatra's Beach. Entrance to the beach is free as well, but you have to pay for the use of the beach equipment. This past of the coast has many advantages that are both natural and the man-made. The natural advantages of the beach include a gentle and a prolonged entrance to the sea without sudden changes in terms of depth. The sand here is perfectly clean, which is confirmed by the waving "blue flag", solemnly presented to this particular beach. Another advantage of the beach is its hotels, in the possession of which there are own marinas, which is quite rare even for Turkey! There are several of such marines. Private yachts often depart from them, as well as the tourist boats, which arrange exciting excursions for a large number of resort guests. The beach sports, volleyball, scuba diving, windsurfing and snorkeling are the most popular activities at this beach.


The Portakal Beach is located to the east from the center of the city and it is like a continuation of the Kayqubad beach. The length of this beach is only 1 kilometer and it has been awarded by the "Blue Flag". The beach also has passages with the pebbles, but in majority of it, it is sandy. As is the case with all the city beaches of Alanya, the entrance to the Portakal beach is free, while the paid services are not free.


Right before the ruins of the fortress stretches the sandy beach called Ulas. The beach is not free, which does not allow it to become too crowded. The seabed and the coast of the beach is sandy. It is a great place where you can have a picnic, admire the slopes of the mountains, swim, and explore the ancient sights. Nearby are the runs of the ancient fortress. There is a parking lot where you can always park your car.


It should be told separately about the famous beaches of the Oba district of Alanya! Oba is a chic and fashionable area, starting at a distance of 3 km east of the center of Alanya. It is a very green, quiet, and a cozy district with the low buildings (no higher than 5 floors construction is allowed here!) area, and a well-organized structure. There are basically no construction sites and the industrial areas, but quite a ot of picturesque parks. The central streets are paved with the paving stones. There are also restaurants, cafes, and the tiny shops. The beaches in Oba are both sandy and pebbled, and organized. There are deck chairs and umbrellas, as well as the beach cafes and the clubs. The entrance to the sea alternates the flat areas with the plates. Even during the storm, the water still remains clean and clear. The beaches of Oba are Europeans' favorite vacation spot. This is the reason why they call Oba a European district of Alanya due to a large number of European citizens living there.


There are good sand and pebble beaches in Tosmur. The entrance to the sea is often with the plates between which there are convenient spots to enter the waters. The water here is always clean and has an amazing color. All the beaches here are comfortable, clean, and have sun beds and umbrellas. The tourists from the different countries who have bought property in this district of ALanya prefer these beaches in particular. Tosmur is probably the greenest area of Alanya, located at a distance of about 5 km. from the city center (to the east). A part of Tosmur is located by the sea, the other part of the district goes towards the mountains. Right through entire district there runs the purest and the most beautiful river called Dim. The high-rise construction is permitted here, and in the recent years quite a lot of residental buildings and complexes have been built. The construction and improvement of the Tosmur district actively continues to this day.


The beaches in Kestel are sandy and pebbly (more sandy), but as one gets away from the center of Alanya and comes closer to Mahmutlar, the beaches have more and more pebbles that appear on the beaches. This allows the sea water to always remain clean even during the storm. The length of the beach line of Kestel is more than 3 km. In the north, is flanked by the beautiful Taurus Mountains. This area also has a small municipal park and the fruit plantations. Kestel is quite a calm, benevolent area that manages to maintain its pleasant provincialism and the natural charm. The long sandy beach, a magnificient panorama of the mountains, and the endless Mediterranean Sea give lots of joy and warmth to the locals. Every week there is a "spontaneous" market that is organized in the Kestel district where the farmers sell tasty and organic fruits and the vegetables. To service of the locals and the tourists, there are small shops, restaurants, and the cafes located everywhere. The inhabitants of Kestel are affable and benevolent. They are already well accustomed to foreigners and are truly respectful of their new neighbors. The embankment is decorated with the fountains, recreation gazebos, barbecue zones, children's playgrounds, and the sports equipment zones. Diligently groomed blooming trees, shrubs and the flower beds are truly pleasing to the eye.


The special attention should be given to the beaches of the Konakli district, located to the west from the center of Alanya. The Konakli district is surrounded by the fabuluous mountains that are covered by the pine forests and the magnificient orange groves. This area could be advised for a budget holiday. A relative cheapness of the district is created by the underdevelopment of the resort's infrastructure. The hotels are mostly "four-star", but these are truly honest four-star hotels. The hotels are clean and comfortable. There is little entertainment in Konakli, however, the district is only 10 minutes taxi or public transport drive from the center of Alanya. What's more, the Dolmus mini bus leaves every 5-10 minutes. Many of the beaches in this part of Alanya are made out of concrete stabs, which were used to strengthen the coast. It should be noted that in some places you can go down to the sea from the pontoon. Still, for those who love the sandy beaches, the very edge of the Konakli district has so called "turtle beach" with the beautiful sands and a crystal clear sea. The length of the beach is about 800 meters. The wild beach has received its name due to the little sea turtles who loved to crawl over there to warm up. This is a secluded place, surrounded by the cliffs, and it will definitely appeal to those who love to soak up the sand in the sun. The main difference from the other beaches in Alanya is the lack of noise and all the fuss. There is an excellent beach service that creates amazing conditions for the family holidays. The Turtle Beach is a paradise corner for relaxation that is only 5 km from the center of Alanya!


The beaches of Mahmutlar (east of the center of Alanya) are truly diverse. Beautiful seaside and the promenade zones have a great number of sports fields and simulators. There is a spacious beach made out of beautiful pebbels of light and dark gray. Due to this fact, the water in Mahmutlar is always clear, so even when the sea is stormy, the waters are never cloudy and unclear. The closer you get to the water, the smaller the pebbles get. However, there is a problem with the Mahmutlar beaches - the stone slabs. It is difficult to enter the sea on top of them as it is uncomfortable and there is a risk to bruise your legs and feet. Still, there is a solution! Firstly, you can buy special shoes, which are sold in many large stores and the small shops. Secondly, the stone slabs are not located all through the length of the beaches. At times the plates "keep apart", thus creating a free and a convenient entrance to the sea upon the small pebbles. Thirdly, some of the beaches in Mahmutlar are equipped with the special pontoons from which you can enter the water with the help of the steps that are approximately 30 meters from the shore. The pontoons allow you to dive into the depths of the sea right away. There are no plates in there and no waves as well. Anyone can use these piers absolutely for free! However, the sun beds and umbrellas are not free. It should be noted that the waves on this beach can get pretty strong! On such days, one can see the "red flag" waving on the beach, making it clear that swimming in the sea is temporarily prohibited. The cleanliness of the beach is close to perfection as the special services carefully monitor collection of the garbage. The level of beach security is also high and you can feel safe, bathing in the sun.


The Kargicak district's beach has a length of 5 km. The beaches here are made out of small pebble, sometimes there are sandy passages. It is believed that the local beaches are much more wider and better than in Mahmutlar even though the districts of the city are located end-to-end to each other. Howeverm in any case, in order to get to the beach, one wil have to cross the Antalya-Mercin highway with the help of an underpass. In the north of the district, there is a pine forest, further on the picturesque wooded Taurus Mountains that are about 500 million years old. This beach is perfect for those who love a relaxing, quiet holiday. Kargicak is one of the greenest parts of Alanya. You can walk along the embankment, which will greet you with carefully planted palm trees. Each meter is decorated by the picturesque flowerbeds, the outdoor exercise equipment, and the children's playgrounds. The wooden gazebos with the tables and the benches are also at the guests' service. There are cozy cafes, pastry shops, and the cozy restaurants right on the beach.


Speaking of infrastructure, we would like to note that every place has its own peculiarities. Next to the Incekum beach (25 km west of the city's center, between Alanya and Side) there are barbecues, tables, and a parking lot. You can come over here with your own groceries and have a great picnic. However, you will have to pay for the campsite entrance. A little off from the beach, there is a start of a beautiful pine forest. The beach is very large and it's length is about 8 km. Translated from the Turkish language, the words "ince kum" stand for the "fine sine", and it is exactly the case here as the name fully characterizes the quality of the beach. There is a sandy beach and a sandy sea bottom. This beach is recommended for the parents with children as there is a convenient, shallow water entrance to the sea. It should be noted that the air here is healing. The tourists always note that the respiratory problems, if there are any, are receding. A clearly positive health effect is felt right away, the general well-being is improved, and there is an evident beneficial effect on the lungs. Thanks to the bright blue shade of the sea water, the Incekum was named the "Turquoise Coast". The beach services are paid here. However, you can always come to the beach with your own sun loungers and parasols. The beach has a well-developed infrastructure. There are cafes and restaurants on the beach. In the eastern part of the beach there is a pine forest where one can find a place for the picnics. In addition, there are courts and the sports grounds that have been kindly built for the people. Let us remind you that the entrance here is paid! The beach is also equipped with the parking lot.

For your reference: Incekum - a young resort, but the resort's infrastructure is developing at a rapid pace. There are quite a lot of inexpensive cafes, bars, and the hotels. In the evening, there are several discos that you can visit and dance your heart away! The Incekum itself has a market. There are lots of shops and botique shops that are located right at the seaside. They sell jewelry, souvenirs of all kinds and shapes, leather, clothing, and the shoes. The place is really cozy, quiet, and safe.


The beaches in Avsallar are long and sandy-pebbly. Avsallar is a district of Alanya and a large village that is located 20 kilometers west of the center of Alanya. Avsallar is more leaning towards Incekum, but it is closer to reach Avsallar from Alanya. Avsallar is considered as the warmest spot on the coast from Antalya to Alanya. A beautiful bay protects the village and the beach from the strong winds. Therefore, there are small royal (and very tasty!) bananas grow and ripe, along with the various kinds and sorts of the citrus fruits, avocados, and many other fruits and the berries. There is a lot of shade and the greenery in Avsallar, so you can always hide from the hot sun. The village is also proud of one of the most beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Alanya. The resort's infrastructure of the district is well-developed. Each hotel here has excellent spas, which are also open to those who do not live in the hotel. These centers include Turkish baths, massage rooms, and thalassotherapy. Avsallar district stays awake until late at night as there are lots of discos and bars here that offer entertainment for the tourists and locals, meeting every taste!


The Fugla Beach is located 20 kilometers west of the center of Alanya. The beach is sandy, though you can also meet the areas filled with the small pebbles. It has a great seabed and a well-developed infrastructure. The Fugla beach provides all the necessary for the windsurfing and the other water sports. In addition, there are several restaurants on the beach that serve fish and the meat dishes. Basically next to any beach holiday destination in Turkey, there are always small restaurants, cafes, sports grounds and children's playgrounds, cozy parks and the squares, boardwalk zones dotted with the fitness simulators, the bicycle rentals, and the electric scouters for your pleasure. As you walk at the seaside, they will offer you to ride a catamaran, a water banana or try your hand at water skiing! A popular and a very interesting past-time offered here is parasailing. It is when you take off into the sky on a parachute attached by a strong cable to the boat. Let us remind you that the coast of Alanys is famous for its "blue flags" awards, developed beach infrastructure, and a high degree of the beach safety.