The Shops

Alanya invites you to join us in an amazing journey into the world of leisure called shopping. What it means in the most basic terms is that Alanya is a unique place to visit all kind of shops, trade centers, luxurious botique shops, souvenir places and noisy Eastern bazaars. Once you visit Alanya, it instantly becomes a kind of leisure and a way to have some fun because when you go shopping, it is not only what you purchase, but all kinds of fun that also include all the entertainment that comes along. It means that you can visit the restaurants, cafes, cinemas, entertainment centers, and so on. The goods in the trade network of Alanya have a lot to offer for every person ranging from the "brand" goods to the goods that are locally-produced. The level of all what you purchase is equal to the world standards, however, just like the quality of service in the trade networks and the shops.

A true cultural journey is a travel through the narrow streets of the city that are both picturesque and ancient. It is a place where the doors of the little shops are always open for you and have some exclusive things for offer! Speaking of the large trade centers, there is also a lot to be found and may have just what you have long wanted to buy... In this article and part of our website, we want to offer you a short guide through the shops and trade networks of Alanya.

Alanyum Trade Center


Alanya is famous for its trade centers, the most famous of which is Alanyum. This large trade center offers a countless number of the "brand" botiques with the goods of amazing quality with the prices that are quite moderate, considering the quality. In addition, you can find cozy coffee shops right there, as well as the places where you can dine at the famous local and the world known cafes. There is also a grocery store at the ground floor. The second and the third floors have a special entertainment zone for the children that they will definitely enjoy! Speaking of the cake and bake kind of shops, there are plenty of tehse and right when you will be ready to take a little break from shopping, you can have a cuppa or just let your hands and feet have some well-deserved rest!


Alanyum is a place where everything speaks of high quality. The service here is pleasant, which adds comfort to the process of shopping. The prices in Alanyum are strictly fixed and most often they are much lower than what is offered in the market, hence one should not bargain here and ask for a lower price. Moreover, there is no such need, in our opinion, because the prices are not too high. Passing from floor to floor is helped by the escalators and the floors themselves are cozy and comfortable, which makes the presence of the visitors in Alanyum quite pleasant and unique! Speaking of the little ones, your children will be more than just happy and exicted when you tell them that they can have some fun, jump and run around at the entertainment spots designed for the children while you are busy shopping. There is no way to get bored here! Experienced and skilled animators will take care of your son or daughter, so you can be assured that your precious child is in the safe hands while you do the shopping and hunt for something that takes some time to consider! If you are planning to buy some groceries in addition to the clothes and souvenirs, you will not have to leave Alanyum looking for the good grocery store since the ground floor has one of the best grocery store networks called Carrefour.


Still, what can one purchase at Alanyum? As it has already been told, this trade and entertainment complex is one of the most well-known spots at the Alanya resort. It has all the best Turkish brands that are known all over the world, including Desa, YKM, Zara, Ipekyol, Mavi, Y-London, Adilisik, Koton, LC WAIKIKI. Of course, you can find the brand clothes here as well and all the goods for your apartment, and even electronics, TVs, and smart phones. The range of all the things you can buy is truly vast! Speaking of the clothes shops, you can find the skirts, shirts, and the jeans that they will make fit to your request and tailored to your height and weight in around 20 minutes. You can find toys for the children, souvenirs, presents, leather bags and clothes, footwear, parfumes, bed sheets, and the knitwear. All of this is ready for you to choose and find exactly what you may need! We can only recommend Alanyum enough as it remains our personal favourite!


Visit Alanyum trade center, it won't take you long to become a happy owner of the leather made clothes or accessories of a very high quality. If you need something made of leather, then Turkey is always the best place to go! If you need good leather footwear, then take a look in some of the footwear boutiques that are present here, so you can find something that fits you well. The prices here are really different compared to the prices for leather goods in the other countries, so your wallet will be happy not to spend too much! Speaking of groceries (both local and foreign made) that are offered by the supermarket are located at one of the Alanyum shops will make you feel like there is absolutely anything you can dream of presented here. Finally, as for location, Alanyum is in the very center of Alanya, so it is easy to reach it from any district of the city in no time. Once again, you won't regret if you take some time to visit Alanyum and treat yourself to some shopping and fun!


The Trade Centers and Shops in the Ataturk Boulevard


The Ataturk Boulevard has the highest gathering of all the great shopping spots in Alanya. There are several large shops located here that offer the customers and those who like to shop the goods of all kinds. You can buy and find anything from the luxurious tie and shirt suit and up to the winter coat, expensive jewellery, and also the brand sun shades, watch, underwear, brand jeans, house goods and accessories, and also the goods made out of leather, and so much more...

LC Waikiki (Ataturk Boulevard)

The Ataturk Boulevard is where you can find a three-storey brand shop of the famous LC Waikiki. There is a vast choice of clothes of all kind for men, women, and the children all located in a cozy trade center. The prices here are quite democratic. There is a constant system of discount that will help you to save some money. "LC Waikiki" is one of the most popular shops in Turkey. A quite large network of these shops can be found all over Turkey, yet the largest LC Waikiki shop is in Alanya in the famous Ataturk Boulevard. The prices for the clothes that are offered here is normal for the family with the middle income. Visiting this shop, you can find the clothes, underwear, leather clothes, flashy and cozy clothes for the men and women, household appliances, and much more. "LC Waikiki" paid an extra bit of care and attention to the young visitors. The clothes for children are well presented as well! The price will make you smile in amazement. Even if you have to dress your child from head to toes, so to say, you won't really spend that much because the prices for the children's clothes are not high at all.


"LC Waikiki" are the ones who have initiated the promotion of the accessible fashion in the country, the collections of which act as the examples for the different brands. The LC Waikiki today is a leader of the trade network branch shops in Turkey that offers its services to the millions of customers in 602 "LC Waikiki" shops in 192 cities and in 28 countries of the world.

U.S. Polo Assn. Shop

U.S. Polo Assn. has been created in 1890 influenced by the noble sport known as the horse polo. U.S. Polo Assn. is the embodiement of comfort, beauty, and the freedom. The brand is represented in men, women, and children's collection of clothes. The main assortment of the brand are the polo t-shirts, shirts, jeans, cardigans, dresses, outerwear, shoes, and the accessories.


The U.S. Polo Assn. products are awarded with the official status of the USPA polo association in the United States and has a motto or a slogan that goes as "When you wear U.S. Polo Assn., - you are part of the Game". The main specialization of the U.S. Polo Assn, is the faithfulness that the brand keeps in place for more than a century, - the sport clothes of a very high quality. Here you have classic "polo" t-shirts with the long or short sleeve, straight, and fitted, with a collar and two butons. They are both in male or a female way that are well fitted with any kind of sports clothes and outwear. There are also sports dresses for women. The sports shirts, jackets and the trousers, the windbreakers jackets. There is a sportswear for both children and adults. From the other kinds of clothes, the U.S. Polo Assn, the brand actively develops male and female clothes in the casual style - the outwear clothes, and also the trousers, shorts, skirts and dresses, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, and much more. There are clothes for the children: dresses, suits, overalls, clothes made out of denim. There are high quality clothes for home and the textile (bed sheets, towels, bath gowns, and the bathrobes, blankets, and the carpets). There are jeans clothes in a great variety. You can also find lots of brand accessories including hand bags, wallets, belts, gloves, headwear, watches, sun shades), underwear and the swimwear, the leather made clothes and footwear.

So why is the U.S. Polo Assn. brand considered to be one of the best for sports? For its own manufacturing the brand uses mostly the natural materials which allow the body of a person to "breathe" actively, they are hyppoallergic and hygroscopic. In the production of the brand they use the special innovative technologies, the achievements of which are multiplied on the many years of experience in production of the sports goods. Thanks to that, all the goods produced by the U.S. Polo Assn keep their shape and form, remain elastic, keep the colour, and retain all the customer qualities even after numerous washings, training sessions, and the steam processing, including the ironing. The clothes from the U.S. Polo Assn allows to move freely for a long time without any signs of discomfort, keeping an optimal temperature balance of the body in any kind of weather. The design of the models is varied: classic square and the stripes, graphic motives. Simple and laconic, yet still elegant style of the brand provides an opportunity to use the U.S. Polo Assn. clothes not only for sports, but also as a basic element of the everyday activity, which is basically never going out of fashion.

LTB Shop (Ataturk Boulevard)

LTB is a Turkish fashion brand of the popular and trendy clothes for youth and not only. The brand has been created in 1948 and, considering its vast history of many years, has turned from the tiny textile factory into a powerful European holding that produces and sells an ultra-tredy jeans clothes.


The clothes with the LTB label on it are being sold in more than 30 countries all over the world, on 5 continents, and is considered to be one of the leaders among those that manufacture the trendy youthful clothes in the casual style. On a daily basis, they produce up to 30000 pairs of jeans. A lot of famous world brands use the manufacturing facilities and resources of the LTB factory. The production has been certified by the international quality certification system (ISO). Visiting the LTB shop, you will be able to find a quality production at the low prices that fits people of all ages. The choice is truly vast, the service in the shop is at the highest level. The prices are quite acceptable, but you can always find discounts in each season, as well as the regular discounts.

The DeFacto Shop (Ataturk Boulevard)

Visiting Ataturk Boulevard in Alanya, you will find the shops of the DeFacto brand, which is believed to be one of the most popular companies in Turkey. The shops have represented the clothes and the accessories of the highest quality. One of the peculiarities of this Turkish brand is its accessibility in terms of the price for all people regardless of the income. Considering all of that, the level of quality of the clothes is also at the highest level. First appearing in 2012 in the market, the collection of clothes of the given brand have instantly become popular among people in Turkey and beyond. The clothes and accessories differ not only with their high parameters of quality, but also with a special design of each piece. And there is no wonder about it since the DeFacto company has a well-organized work of a great and large collective of skilled designers that include world known designers of a highest class and experience. Moreover, the DeFacto company itself tries their best to take control over how the clothes are being produced at each stage of production and the sales. Visiting DeFacto shops in Alanya, you will be pleasantly surprised when you will get to know the clothes and the collections of this amazing Turkish brand.


The Women will be happy with a great variety of colours of all presented clothes that include the blouses and the t-shirts. In addition to that, there is a vast choice of skirts, suits, pullovers, and sweaters to fit any taste of a lady.

The Men's Clothes of this brand are unique not only due to the high quality, but also some nobleness and strictness, a special taste of a male character. These are exactly the demands that the modern men ask of clothes as much as we can tell! The men's clothes presented at DeFacto differ by the way they are made and tailored, by the variety of materials implemented, and the different kind of clothes for all kind of activities and the times of work and leisure.

Children's clothes are also presented in this shop in Alanya. Children's models are flashy with the bright colours, and a great variety of choice. There is no doubt that your children will fall in love with the clothes from DeFacto brand and will never wish to put it off!

The DeFacto company today tries to extend its manufacturing facilities trying to encapture as much more kinds of clothes as it is possible, thus doing all they can to make the customers all over the world content and happy with what they have to offer. The customers that visit DeFacto in Alanya note that there is not only high quality of clothes of a given brand, but also a great variety of collections presented by the company.

Mavi Shop (Ataturk Boulevard)

We are inviting you to visit the Mavi (Mavi Jeans) shops. The company has been founded in Istanbul in 1991. Mavi produce an entire collection of jeans clothes of youthful style for all kinds of people. Being the first Turkish brand that is recognized all over the world, Mavi still keeps the position of a leader of Turkish jeans market for 20 years! Currently, the production of the Mavi brand is being sold in 4000 shops, in the famous retail sale networks and the department store shops in 50 countries all over the world. The company also has more than 250 own shops. Back in 2006 the Time magazine has placed the Mavi brand in Top 16 of the world jeans brands in the A list. Moreover, according to the survey that was lead by the world's leader in the field of a research of the customer market by the AC Nielsen company, Mavi is in the top ten of the most recognized brands in Turkey after Coca COla, Nike, and Adidas. Back in 2009, Mavi has been chosen as the best place to buy the jeans, according to the Canadian daily called Georgia Straight. In the report dated in May 2011 of the famous Stylofhane company that work in the field of SEO optimization and marketing for Facebook, Mavi received the first place in the "Facebook Fashion Index" category among the world famous jeans brands that are well known all over the world. Mavi has multinational designer's team from the different cities of the world such as Istanbul, New York, Vancouver, and Sydney. The most successful designers of jeans clothes implement the joint creative and art projects with the Mavi brand.


In the shop in Alanya city there is a wide assortment of jeans and the Mavi brand clothes for men and women represented in diverse models and sizes with a great correlation of the price and quality. The production of the Mavi shop is being made on the basis of two factories. One of them is considered a large one and also the most modern all over Turjey, if one speaks of a process of manufacturing of jeans clothes precisely. This factory works on the basis of Japanese, German, and American technologies. The Mavi brand also keeps true to its stable and clear philosophy. It lies in impeccable and flawless jeans cut. The detail that are used in the finishing always reflect all the uniqueness of the Middeterranean spirit.

The clothes of this company are made from the material called "Denim". If we translate it in a direct way, it means "made out of Nim". It is a French material. This fabric differs with a way that its outside threads are coloured while the inner threads are not coloured. Due to that there appeared an opportunity to manipulate with the colour, which is exactly what attracts the fans of clothes of such kind. The naturalness of the Mavi products will impress any person and we can stand behind the statement! The Mavi Mona jeans, as an example, differ with the ecologic safety since they have been made out of Aegean cotton for 100%. Due to such approach, the line of clothes of the Turkish brand can become a great addition to the healthy way of life since it offers clothes for people of all ages. If you are looking for the unique clothes and know your style well, want to take care of the environment and your own health, then these clothes and the brand is the right fit for you!

Mavi offers some kind of a special Mediterranean design, which fully transposes and reflects the spirit and the culture of Turkey. The clothes of this brand are pierced with the light nature, easiness, exotic feeling, and the sexuality. We should note that this company bases itself on the use of the natural fabrics and materials on all stages of processing and manufacturing, yet still changing the styles all the time, and constantly surprising people on a daily basis. The goods in the shops of the city differ with their original style and peculiarities of the inspiration, they pick up all the modern ideas right away. Still, what really matters is that they are always accessible in terms of the prices. We should note that a flawless cut of the clothes contributes to the correct fit for any kind of a body shape. The company creates a large line of the sizes for the needs of any client.

We should note that the Mavi shops in Alanya always have seasonal and regular discounts for the clothes. There is a very large assortment of the different accessories and also the footwear, which unites in some kind of groups according to the theme and an idea. Some themes and motives are offered in all collections that are represented. The collections usually appear 2 times in a year. Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter. The prices will make you feel pleasantly surprised while the choice of clothes and accessories is simply mindblowing!

Mudo Trade Center (Ataturk Boulevard)

We advice you to visit the Mudo trade center. It is one of the leading retail clothes store and the accessories, furniture, and the decoration elements for the interior. The company has more than 100 own shops on the territory of Turkey. Currently, the Mudo brand includes the trademarks known as Mudo Collection, Mudo Concept, Mudo Accessories, and the Mudo Outlet.

The history of Mudo has started in 1964 with the opening of a little presents shop, a shop with the records, and the self-made t-shirts that were made by its founder Mustafa Tavioglu. In such way, several decades after Mudo has turned into one of the leading players in the Turkish market of the retail store. Mudo Concept is one of the first registered trademarks in Turkey when the talk goes of home textile and decor.

We are inviting you to visit the trade center of the company in order to understand and estimate the philosophy of Mudo. These are not simply the trade galleries. Entering the Mudo trade center, you get the sense that you are entering a museum. A charming vintage furniture, as if hand-made, a lot of sweet and heartfelt details ranging from the photo frames and ending up with the baskets for the flowers, stylish oiriginal clothes that is not any worse than the production by the leading world's manufacturers. Nevertheless, there is a unique own style of everything presented here, which makes Mudo a brand that is truly worth your attention.

KOTON Shop (Ataturk Boulevard)

We would like to invite you to visit the KOTON shop, which is a trendy fashion brand that is well known all over the world. The brand specializes on the youthful style of fashion and works in the Fast Fashion rhythm by producing up to four collections each season. There are more than 100 creative young and creative designers that work for Koton. The assortment of the company has around 7000 models of the men's, women's, and children's clothes. The numbers makes one more than just impressed! Such great amount supposes almost a non-stop and well-designed work of all the people involved in a team - the modeliers, technologists, and designers. In each model that you will encounter in the shop there is a clear evidence of a fast reaction of the company's modeliers in relation to the latest trends in fashion and the society. The company offers a rare opportunity for anyone to get dressed from head to toes by visiting only one shop and saving your precious time. Another thing that will make you especially glad is that the goods in the shop are being sold at relatively good prices. These are the characteristics that are the main achievements and the benefits of the given brand. In addition to that, a frequent change in the collections supposes the constant discount sales. It is a very pleasant bonus from the dynamic and a modern fashion brand company.


Looking through the collections of the KOTON clothes brand, you will find basically anything, including shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers, a great number of t-shirts, pullovers, sweaters, dresses of all models, sweaters, jackets, footwear, and the accessories. The women's clothes collections offered by KOTON differ with a large colour gamma and the fabrics with the joyful ornaments. The clothes are being made out of light and natural materials, it is practical and highly functional. One can trace the eastern and the Turkish motives, as well as the modern preferences of the European youth. The clothes are varied according to the style and the cut. You can find the models that has all what a lady and a true woman should posses, as well as the models of clothes that speak of sexuality and the high fashion. As an example, you can take a look at the clothes that include the Italian KOCCA collections and the brutal styled fashion with the tendency towards alternative trends. A great addition will be the great Komono accessories that are both bright and full of life and energy, as offered by the Koton brand. The fantastic design and a great variety of colours that you will find here will look harmonical along with the light dress that has Turkish vibe, as wel as with the worn-out jeans. All of this can be easily found when you visit the Koton clothes brand, which we can only recommend you in your journey as you visit the beautiful Alanya.

The Shops in Alanya

The numerous shops in Alanya work according to the "bargaining is acceptable" system, meaning that it is basically the same way as it is in the market. Such little shops are in a great variety all through the tiny streets that lead along to the Ataturk boulevard. Here they often have sales of the different goods where "everything is only 5 Turkish Lira". It is not so rare to meet the discounts in some of the shops that are as high as 70%, which always attracts the people who like to save some money. Now if we talk of the little botique shops, then Alanya can only praise itself for the amount of all you can find. Only to walk through all the boutique shops that are located in the center of the city, you would have to spend an entire day. As an example, the prices in such shops are much lower than what one can usually find in Europe. A lot of such boutique shops offer exclusive goods made of leather: the leather bags, jackets, sheepskin coats, and so on. Once again, we want to remind you that it is possible and appropriate to bargain for quite a lot in the little shops of the town.

Совет: No matter how small and modest the things you buy may be, try to achieve a discount because here they are not really used to standing behind the initial price. It is exactly this process of "buy and sale" relationship that makes the shopping process interesting and enjoyable. If the bargain process has already started and you will be able to make a deal with the salesperson, - you receive a great financial benefit, which, as a rule, only doubles the pleasure. Do not be lazy and take your time to have a trip through the streets and the squares of Alanya - it is exactly the city where you can buy something interesting! There are lots of boutiques, shops, and the large trade centers in the city where you can find a lot of the "brand goods".

Jewellery Shops in Alanya


The ladies that spend some leisure time in Alanya always try to include the purchasing of jewellery in the top priorities list. Moreover, investment in gold is quite beneficial, to say the least. Alanya provides us all with an opportunity to purchase the jewellery of acceptable price and with the stand-out quality. The city of Alanya has a great amount of the shops that offer jewellery. In addition to the high quality of all the things offered, the prices are quite loyal. The standout peculiarity of the Turkish gold, which always forces people to take a look through the local jewellery, is the intense golden shade of the metal, stylish design, and the accessible cost. Among the most well-known shops - there are jewellery citadels known as "Sifalar Jewellery" and "Baran Club Jewellery". They are located at the very center of the resort and their shiny banners are lit up even during the daylight, calling up for a puchase of a something truly beautiful. The largest jewellery giants of Alanya - Goldas and Zen - they are well-known to the travellers who ave already seen a lot and to the locals as well due to their accessible prices, unique designer's work, standout quality, and the guarantee. The jewellery art of the Turkish manufacturers is presented in the shops of Alanya by the most beautiful pendants, charms, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, tiaras, and the rings of gold of the highest standard. It is quite often that the goods are decorated with the inclusion of the diamonds, the gems, Swarowski rhinestones, and the stones that protect from the evil eye - Nazars. However, in spite of the status of one of the "jewellery" resorts in Turkey, Alanya has quite a lot of shops that sell the fake and fraud goods. As a rule, such places do not have the appropriate documents, certification, and the problems are hard to determine. In order not to get into the tourist's trap with the things you buy among the jewellery, you should go only to the brand shops in Alanya and always ask for certification and the guarantee.

The Leather Goods in Alanya


The goods made out of leather take the lion's share in the market of Turkish sales. Buying something made out of leather in Turkey means not only making a purchase that has a lot of advantages, but also means that you are not overpaying anything, if you compare it to the European shops or basically any shop outside of Turkey. Among the largest shops in Alanya there is a "World Leather" in Alanya. It is a brand spot, which offers the leather products of the famous Turkish brand called Selda. We should note that the prices offered are not too high and can be considered as quite acceptable. The assortment of all what is being offered impresses quite a lot with the varity it has - the long coats, raincoats, sheepskin coats, jackets, short cut coats, children's clothes, gloves, hats, and all kinds of accessories. The shop called "Ponto" most likely offers the largest choice of things made out of leather. An exclusive service of the shop is that they easily make the clothes that they have fit according to your shape and the needs. They also have lots of half-ready models, so one can also request something in particular. In the recent years, another popular shop called "Havana", located in the center of Alanya has gained quite a lot of popularity. What makes it stand apart is that in addition to an impressive assortment, it is possible to pay for what you choose by installments. The system of installments payment is in a way that you make a pre-payment right away, and the rest of the installments are transferred to the shop's bank account with the help of the Western Union system from the country of your residence. It should be noted that the prices in the center of the resort are much higher than in the other, more remote districts of Alanya. As an example, you can buy leather things at much lower prices if you visit a shop called "Ferruci", which is located in the Konakli district or the shop called "Ottimo", which is located in the Mahmutlar district of Alanya. Moreover, one can save quite a lot if you take a group trip, so you can do the shopping with several people at once. Right then, you can count on the discount from the salesperson up to 30%. If one considers all the shops that we have mentioned, they have a system of the Turkish bargaining when the initial price differs from the final one in 2-3 times. Here, as an examples, the women's short leather jacket before the bargain costs on the average of $1200, then after the bargain, it costs up to $300. For the women's sheepskin coat the price is defined as $2500, then after the bargain, one can buy it for $1000. The men's jacket had an initial price tag of $1500, then right at the end of the bargain one can buy it for $400.

Turkish Souvenirs

A quite significant weight for majority of tourists leaving Turkey is composed out of all the souvenirs that they purchase there. Without a doubt, it is the first thing that most people try to acquire even though it is not always very costly. The souvenirs can be met in Alanya basically everywhere, in every single shop even if it sells clothes per se. The most important national souvenirs in Turkey are taken by the ceramics, the plates, the little pots and the mugs that are hand-decorated, which usually shows the flag and the symbols of the country, and also the "Fatima's Eye", which is well known to most tourist, a national amulet. The Eastern bazaar (market) of Alanya cannot be imagined without a traditional Turkish carpet - from the one made of silk to the one made out of wool, hand-knit and showing the history of the country and its people. Then there are tasty and sweet souvenirs, rahat-lokum and halva. Considering the fact that Alanya is a center of silk, one just cannot leave from here without buying a silk scarf or the palatine, a tippet. The other traditional things to buy as a souvenir includes coffee, turks, collection of sea shells, magnets, olive oil, and the soap. However, for the experienced tourists the traditional souvenirs like magnets and the mugs that can be brought from any country is a usual thing, therefore, they go hunting for the truly Turkish souvenir products. Among the unusual goods one can find the lanterns from the coloured glass, chased copper products, carpets, Turkish spices, and the beautiful ceramic dishes. The most expensive in the list of these national souvenirs are Turkish carpets, their prices can reach fabulous sums, starting at least from $3000. It just has to be seen, and do not forget to bargain!


As the summer comes to an end, Alanya meets the tourists with the flashy International Folklore festival. The festival completely re-designs and impacts the life of the resort city. At every corner, at every street or a lane, as soon as the festival starts, there is lots of fun everywhere. It is completely impossible to visit Alanya and forget to bring the symbol of this place as a souvenir - a coloured pumpkin. The souvenirs are sold in abundance right along the sea haven at the little shops who also offer the hand-made goods, in addition to the pumpkins, which includes: clothes, decorations, hand bags, and so on. Combining the shopping and times of leisure in Alanya, the tourists are not just winning in terms of a price, but also make a true entertainment for themselves - the newbies get to know the unknown to them world of Turkish shopping, and the experienced tourists seek for the new things and come back to the old places they know well where the salesmen meet them with an open heart and joy, offering the discount of a regular shopper along with the pleasant presents.

The Trading Networks and Supermarkets of The Food Segment

BIM Food Network


The beloved by many BIM shop possibly offers one of the lowest prices for teh customer all over Alanya. The brand logo of the BIM says: "wholesale price, retail sales". Once you get inside, the place is quite spacey, bright, and tidy. Majority of food that is presented on display or in the rows is placed in the boxes. The prices are not higher than in the other shops, while some food is even a little less in price. All over the BIM shops, all the goods presented have the price tags with the correct prices. The parts of the shop are divided, according to presented assortment, which is done in a logical way. The bread products and the bakery are quite diverse. Both freshly baked products and the packaged buns, toast bread, pita bread, - all can be found here. The prices for the chilled meat products are the lowest in Turkey. The variety and freshness is also out of any competition. The sausages are not as varied and the same as the analogues that we are used to in majority of our native countries. However, one should take a look at the sliced meat that is already prepared. The variety is not that great, yet the quality for what is available is more than just good. Speaking of the milk products, here you have an entire range of the Turkish assortment where even the big supermarkets are not much better in terms of variety. The vegetables and the fruits are sold as packet with the fixed weight. The quality of the fruit and vegetable products are in no way worse than in the famous bazaars (street markets). Speaking of the household goods, they fully satisfy the basic needs of the customer. The sweet tooth people among us will find something to treat themselves in the parts of the shop that sell the sweets and the cookies. In addition, you can buy clothes, toys, footwear. The payments are received in Turkish Lira, dollars, or Euros in cash (they give you the change only in Turkish liras). Of course, you can pay with the card. The employers of the BIM shop are friendly and are always ready to come for help. One should note how clean and tidy it is in all the BIM shops.

Торговая сеть Шок


The Sok Stores are the bright spot in the streets of Alanya in a literal sense, so you just cannot pass through the street without noticing it. Just like the BIM stores, Sok stores are considered to be for the people on budget. There is an opinion that the budget shops in Turkey are not different in any sense from the rest of the shops in terms of quality and the assortment. Let us disagree with the statement. The first thing that really catches the eye is the part of the shop with the fruits and the vegetables. The Sok stores also allow to purchase food in a bulk. The variety is truly with no competition among all the budget shops, and in the "lucky" day it is equal to what you can find in the street markets. The department with the fresh meet, with the same price, is not as good in variety as it is in the BIM shops. The department with the cooled down meat prepared meat products is not that large, however, it offers its own, at times "exclusive" assortment. The milk products part also offers its own trademarks. With the similar assortment, the taste is quite different. It is possible that the local milk drink Ayran and the cheeses that are sold in the Sok shops will fit your taste. Now the bakery have almost the same assortment and the price policies, but the products that are in the factory package in the Sok shops have a more traditional taste. The household chemistry is all our well-known trademarks. Also visiting the Sok stores, you can buy the toys, haberdashery goods, bed sheets, underwear, small household appliances, and even the TV. Just like in the BIM stores, - keeping everything tidy and clean is their top priority. You can pay in Turkish Lira, dollars, and euros in cash (the change is only in Turkish Lira) or with a card. The people that work in Sok stores walk an extra mile to keep you in a good mood and in high spirits by always helping you out and taking the best care of your comfort.

А101 Stores


А101 Stores finish the triad of the budget shops in Alanya. A pleasant light blue colour of the displays makes you feel refreshed in the hot Alanyan summer days. Once you appear in the shop, make sure to have a second look at everything with great care because there are lots of pleasant surprises that you can easily miss! For example, the bakery has a lot of exclusive to offer that cannot be found in any other shops. We should note all the bakery and bread treats that are prepared according to the unique culinary recipes of the East. The fresh meat part of the shop is alike to the meat offered in the Sok stores and in most terms not as good as it is in the BIM stores. As for the department with already prepared meat, it is quite varied. Here you can buy the sausages of a very high quality and the sliced meat from several manufacturers. Also the A101 stores have the best eclairs and the amazing cheese cakes. The milk products also has several differences according to the taste qualities. Make sure to taste the truly Turkish foods made out of milk when you are in A101 as it is exclusive. Now the fruits and the vegetables are not better than in BIM, but as for the variety, it is not as good as it is in Sok stores. Now the household chemistry offers anything that you may need daily. In the part with the drinks and juices, you can find the "CapriSun" juices that the children love so much. Each week, the A101 network offers significant discounts for the electronics and the small household appliances and electronics. The employers of the shops take care of their customers and do their best to keep you up with the friendly attitude and care.

5M Migros Supermarket


5M Migros – is a supermarket in all senses of a word. The only disadvantage is that it is one of a kind. The prices for a lot of goods are higher than in the budget supermarkets, but one should note that it has a great choice and a large amount of discounts. The meat, milk products, vegetables, and the fruits, different drinks, tea, coffee, spices, - all can be found here. The grocery and even the alcohol department are also available at the 5M Migros supermarket. You can buy not only the food, but also the clothes, all kinds of household appliances, TVs, electronics, and the phones in a great variety. One should note the fresh fish that can be bought here. Such department cannot be found in most food shops in Alanya. The freshness of the products should be checked with your own experience and the sense of smell. The part with the traditional Turkish sweets deserves all the possible praise. A salesperson there will smile as he or she offers you to taste the sweets and won't stop at one small portion, considering that the prices there are far not low. So, if you will decide to visit the 5M Migros supermarket, you will make sure to come back again.

Migros Stores


The Migros stores are represented in Alanya as with the supermarkets, as well as with the small stores called Migros Jet. These supermarkets are located in the different parts of a town and it helps them to win among the giants of the middle and the high price segments. All what you won't be able to find in the budget stores, you will definitely find in Migros. We should note that in the fruits and vegetables part, the prices are much higher, but their variety and quality is much alike to the street market. The goods that are offered under Migros's own trademark are in the low price segment, but their quality can be compared to the best world's standards. Speaking of the fresh fish department, it is, unfortunately, not present at every Migros store, but all the kinds of foods, sweets, clothes, electronics, and the household appliances at the amazingly low prices are always available in about 10-15 minutes away by feet, no matter where you live.


An interesting fact is that Migros stores do their best to form their assortment to please all kinds of the tourists. Therefore, do not be surprised to find the kinds of food for the Swedes, Norwegians, English, Arabic, German, Polish or any other country of tourist's origin. It shows how caring and attentive the Turkish people are! Make sure to look around and explore. Speaking on a personal note, we were surprised to see lots of Christmas and festive accessories for every taste and culture!

Metro Hypermarket


Metro Hypermarket is beyond competition in terms of assortment of all the goods offered. A truly large trade center can offer you the food and household appliances even for the most picky tastes. You can buy basically anything if you visit Metro. If the price is not a decisive factor for you, then Metro is the first place that you should visit.

Carrefour Stores


The French network's Carrefour stores has taken its elegant places at Alanyan shores. Visiting the Carrefour stores, one can easily notice how cozy, tidy, and calm it is there. The network's stores are favourite among the foreign tourists in Alanya because it has a lot to offer from the high-priced products, yet it always means that the quality of these products is also very high. Moreover, Carrefour stores also have home delivery of all they have to offer. Visiting the Carrefour stores, it is like you are at the Riviera resort, either the French one, or... :)