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The Restaurants. Cafes. Pastry Shops. Bakeries.

The Turkish cuisine has absorbed the culinary traditions of numerous nations. Mixed in with Arab customs and traditions, seasoned with the Mediterranean motifs, it has been shaped upon the standards of the Balkan cooking and the Turkic nomads, has been tempered by the canons of Islam, and languished itself in the ovens of the Caucasian tendencies. The Turkish kitchen was believed to be one of three richest kitchens in a world, thanks to a variety of the meals and the refinement of the tastes. Its secrets have been preserved since the ancient times and are well-known to every good Turkish mistress. Among the dishes of the Turkish cuisine one can find anything from the snacks and salads to gourmet desserts, both easy to prepare dishes and those that only the high-class chefs in the restaurants or true masters of their craft can cook. Alanya can safely boast of its numerous "signature" meals.


There is a belief that Turkish food is spicy and fat. Still, on the contrary, the spices are being used in quite moderate amounts, so there is a special set and amount of spices for each meal. In addition to that, Turkish kitchen is quite fitting for the vegans and those who believe in healthy eating and try to get fit.


The most beloved meals of the people of Turkey and, of course, of sunny Alanya, are the dishes made of lamb, beef, fish, poultry, vegetables, cereals, and the legumes. Turkish cuisine is very diverse, rich, and multifaceted. For example, every restaurant in Alanya can boast of Turkish national pride, a dish called "lebab", which also has more than twenty kinds and species alone!


The basis of the Turkish cuisine is made out of bread and the flour products. The bakeries in Alanya are located literally everywhere: there are not only the various types of white bread that are baked there twice a day, but also the round flat cakes that are sprinkled with the sesame seeds on top, and the flat, tasty pita breads.


In the service of the guests and the locals who simply adore the times when they can sit with a merry and a friendly company in the numerous cafes and the restaurants, there are various catering establishments that are open until it is already late at night.

The Restaurants. Lokantas. Fish Restaurants. Corbaci. Kebabci.

The Restaurants. Here you can find the dishes of the Turkish cuisine, as well as the Asian, European, and American cuisine. If you will feel homesick all of a sudden, there are restaurants of any kind ranging from the Scandinavian countries to the Russian typical cafes! Come over to taste all what you like to taste at home and do not hesitate to try out something new and delicious! The choices are truly vast, so do not miss out on your chance to check out the pastry cooking, all the Turkish sweets, bakery, and lots of things that you may still remember well as a child!


Lokantas. Now these are the dining-cafes where you can check out the Turkish cuisine in all of its beauty: all the meals here are being prepared in advance, and thanks to the iron trays that are kept on a slow fire or a steam, so they always remain warm. Th variety of dishes are truly mindblowing! Usually, there are soups, eggplant dishes, rice, meat roasts with the vegetables, and the fried chicken in the box being usually available. Speaking of the drinks, a preference is given to water, juices, and the Ayran. Lokantes that specialize in the finely-chopped mutton giblets or the Iskembe Corbasi are usually called Iskembeci.


The Fish Restaurants. The fish restaurants are called Balik Lokantasi (balik = fish). The prices in such restaurants are usually higher than in the usual restaurants because the fish and the seafood in Turkey are not so cheap. However, you can make sure that the fish is fresh on your own as the chefs will kindly place it in the specially-equipped refrigerator-displays.


Corbaci. In Corbaci the main meals are the soups and some kind of snacks. Kebabci In Kebabci you can check out the kebabs, of course, as well as the meals with the use of meat. В этих заведениях можно отведать кебабы и мясные блюда. "Kfteci" and "pideci" - are not too expensive kinds of public catering where you can receive various kinds of fried or baked meat (kebabs), the meat balls (kfte), and the pide - a Turkish version of a pizza.


The Bread Comes First. The Bakeries.

The Bakery Products - one of the most sought-after products on the food market in Turkey, it is the basis of the diet of the local residents. Even in the smallest villages of the region, there is certainly a bakery that operates uninterruptedly and around the clock, which bakes fresh break (ekmek) at least twice a day. Bread in Alanya is always fresh and hot. The numerous bakeries of the city take a good care of that. They do not ask whether the bread is fresh over here. This question will not be understood, and some people may even feel insulted. The daily break "ekmek" is a white bread with a crispy and elastic crust, it has a soft, fluffy middle. The bread is used in large quantities: at lunch or dinner, each household may well eat one such "loaf". Hence, when they leave the bakery or a local shop, the Turks go home by taking several loaves at once.

The basis of the Turkish breakfast is a freshly baked simit bread, generously covered with sesame. The Turks have this as a favourite street food. It is not without a reason that you can meet the charts with the simits literally at every corner, and in the hands of almost any passerby. It is more than just tasty and we can only recommend you to check it out! In the bakeries of Alanya the simites are being sold with the first rays of the sun that comes up, so by the late morning, as a rule, they already run out and there are no more simits left. You can buy these tasty bagels for breakfast right in the streets: the sellers sit at the crowded intersections at the shop-windows "aquariums" with the simits or carry their good in the carts specially equipped with the bread cabinets. At your request, the seller can cut a simit bagel across in two parts in order to spread the center with a kaymak (a very thick and fatty cream), a chocolate paste or a melted cheese.


There are no meals in Turkey that would be served without bread. Its presence on the table is obligatory and extremely necessary! During the meals the people of Turkey simply cannot get satisfied if it is not there, and a table served without a bread on it is like a flower garden without roses. For the residents of Alanya the bread and the flour products are the symbols of prosperity and abundance. On the counters of Alanya's bakeries you will also find "Trabzon Ekmegi" (a large and round-shaped bread), "Cavdar Ekmegi" (rough bread from the wheat flour), Kepekli ekmek (a bread with bran), cicek ekmegi (a bread consisting of small buns, bakes in the form of a chamomile), Alman ekmegi or a bread in German (baked from the dark flour with powder from the various seeds and the cereals on top, Misir Ekmegi (a yellow bread from the corn flour), Patates ekmegi (a bread baked with the addition of potatoes). In addition, at the bakery you can find all the kinds of Turkish flatbreads: "tandir ekmegi" (they are baked in special tandoor ovens); the flatbreads out of the yeast sough with meat called "Etli ekmek"; the baked flatcakes in the oven - "pide" - made out of sweet dough, sprinkled with the poppy seeds; thin Yufka flatcakes (they are cooked on water with the addition of salt and act as the most important ingredients of the national puff cakes), and much more! In addition to the above types of bread and the flour products, the bakeries of Alanya also cook and sell bread from the wheat and the rye flour, bread with the bran and the various additives, bread from the yeast dough, and so on. The variety of bread depends on the baker's imagination and the bakery marketing policy. We invite you to visit the bakeries of the city!

The Pastry Shops

The assortment of Alanya's pastry shops will drive any sweet tooth to delight. In the most prominent place on the desk there will always be Baklava - the star of Turkish sweets. Delicate petals of dough with the nut filling that drip with sweet honey. Baklava is also very satisfying and tasty when you eat it, so it is enough even to take few pieces. Now this is a real problem because one just want to try out all the kinds of it that exist in Turkey! Now there are many other desserts you can and should try out! Once they visit the pastry shops in Alanya, the visitors spend a long time at the counter by trying to choose what to pamper themselves with this and the next time: pistachio or a chocolate nougat, a Turkish delight from the natural pomegranate juice, a sugar tulumba, halvah, or a lokma in syrup.


In order to make things clearer and understand it all about the local pastry and sweets, make it a tradition for yourself to buy something new each time. If there is not much time that you have, order a dessert in the cafe in the daytime, and once the evening comes, buy the tasty things at the pastry shop. All these amazing Eastern sweets will turn your life in Alanya into a fairy tale and will become a true holiday!

The Drinks. Non-Alcohol. Alcohol.

A widespread tradition in Turkey is the tea - it is customary to drink it from the small cups. The teas will amaze you day by day with the taste variety and the low prices without a loss of quality.

With a great pleasure, the Turks also drink coffee, which is represented on the market of the country by a wide range of varieties and the kinds. The restaurants, cafes, pastry shops and the numerous coffee shops will treat you to the most delicious coffee in Turkey.

The natural juices deserve a special attention. The local traders extract the juices from the fresh fruits right in front of the visitors, so you can treat yourself with a cup of a fresh juice right away. A true storehouse of vitamins and the minerals, tasty and healthy food, the energy and a good mood for the whole day!


The population of Turkey without exception simply adores the local dairy drink called Ayran. It is a very healthy and a tasty drink. When it gets especially hot during the summer months, Ayran is able to quench the thirst in a best way possible.

A popular strong alcoholic Turkish drink is called Rakia (anisette). In addition to that, one should try the wine in Turkey (it is produced in the western regions of the country), - Karasi, Kalecik, Bogazkere, Karasakiz. The restaurants and the bars of Alanya offer their visitors a large choice of the alcohol drinks of the most famous brands. Meyhane - is one more truly Turkish place, even though it consists out of two Persian words, meaning the wine house (from persian "mey" - wine, hane - "house"). It is a place where the alcohol beverages are permitted. It is called and referred to as to the Ickili Lokanta. .


The addresses and phones of the restaurants in Alanya:

Cubana Restaurant Alanya (Cleopatra District)


Saray Mahallesi M. Sukru Ulusoy Caddesi, 18/A 960 Sokak, Alanya 07400, Turkey
+90 533 227 02 57 / +90 535 760 69 19 / Free pick-up service!
If you say that you came from Dream Alanya website, you receive 10% discount from the restaurant!


Trnder'en Restaurant & Cafe Bar - Ringo Place Alanya (Cleopatra District)


Saray Mah. Atatrk Cad. Oral Sok. ydemir Apt. No:5 Alanya, Turkey
+90 537 963 43 59 / Free pick-up service!
If you say that you came from Dream Alanya website, you receive 10% discount from the restaurant!


Rihtim Restoran


Iskele Meydani Kizilkule Yani, Alanya
+90 242 512 10 19


Cadde Balik


Saray mahallesi ismet hilmi balci caddesi 8/B, Alanya
+90 538 972 68 22


Ozturk Kolcuoglu Restaurant Alanya


Guller Pinari Mahallesi, TR, Ahmet Ayik Cd., 07460 Alanya
+90 544 303 01 01


Viking Restoran


Oba Mahallesi, 07450 Alanya
+90 530 226 79 74


Alanyum Trade Center (12 restaurants and cafe)


Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Keykubat Blv. No:219, 07425, Alanya.
+90 242 515 03 15


Casper Restoran


Keykubat Caddesi Guller Pinar mah. no 137/A 07400, Alanya.
+90 544 921 56 66




Guller Pinari Mahallesi, Ahmet Tokus Blv. No:5, 07400, Alanya.
Saray Mahallesi, 07400 Аланья

Burger King


Cikcilli Mahallesi, Alanya, Guller Pinar Mahallesi, Hacibaba Caddesi, 07400 Alanya
+90 444 5 464
Saray Mh., Ataturk Cad. 99, 07400 Alanya
+90 242 519 27 70
Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Keykubat Bulv. Alanyum No:219 D:141, 07425 Alanya
+90 242 515 05 06

Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro


Guller Pinar Mahallesi, Ahmet Tokus Blv. No:4, 07469 Alanya
+90 242 511 66 76


Citirim Pastanesi Pastry Shop


Saray Mahallesi, Yunus Emre Cd. No:50, 07400 Alanya
+90 242 513 40 43


Hanci Pastanesi Bakery


Kizlar Pinar Mahallesi, Seyh Samil Cd. No:8, 07400 Alanya
+90 242 511 70 20


My Durum Restaurant


Sekerhane Mahallesi, Ataturk Blv. No:6, 07400 Alanya
+90 242 513 28 82


Flash Restaurant


Sekerhane Mh., Hacet Cad 32/A, 07400 Alanya
+90 242 511 42 20