Alanya is definitely the very best place in Turkey to have some rest at the seaside. It is conditioned by the fact that the city of a dream has a unique location, mild climate, fairy-tale like nature, healing air, soft sea, and the status of a city that belongs to the world's cultural heritage. The Mediterranean Sea, on the shores of which the resort is located, is believed to be the warmest spot in Turkey because the city is well-protected from the North by the mountains. As a result of climate conditions and the geographic peculiarities, the average air temperature in a year is around +20'C. The sea in Alanya is quite warm even during the winter months and around the end of March it warms up to 20-22'C degrees. An active resort and a swimming season in Alanya starts from the end of April and lasts until the end of November.


In April the air warms up to quite comfortable readings. However, the best time to visit Alanya is a period between the end of April and up to the middle of November. It is the time of an active being in the sun and swimming in a very warm sea water. The air temperature is from +27'C to +40'C, and the sea water temperature varies from +25'C to +30'C. Isn't it just great? Such temperatures can be met in a period from May to September and they will suit both adults and the children alike. In September, there is a start of so-called famous "velvet season", the sea warms up the most, and the heat of the summer days finally fades. In October, the air temperature decreases a little bit and the temperature of sea water cools off a little, but not more than for 1-2 degrees. In October and November, the temperature of sea water in Alanya does not go lower than 22-24'C degrees. It should be noted that even in the winter period the temperature of water in the Mediterranean Sea is constantly remaining above the temperature of the air and is 17-20'C degrees.

When the Christmas time is approaching and the New Year celebrations are about to start, Alanya is filled with the tourists and the owners of real estate property from all over the world once again. Of course, not a single person misses a chance to bath in the sun and swim in the sea when their own home countries are filled with snow and the freezing temperatures!


Still, how long does the "swimming season" last in Alanya? With this particular term they usually note the passage of time during which the healthcare professionals allow the healthy children to swim at the summer recreation camps. Well, for this sake, the temperature of the sea should not be lower than +20'C. Such water temparatures in the Mediterranean Sea at the shores of Alanya can be usually met from the middle of March to the middle of November. It is officially believed that the swimming season in Alana lasts for 320 days, and for 365 days in the warmest years. Who knows, maybe 2019 is destined to become such swimming season year!


The beaches of Alanya are scattered across all the range of the shore line, which reminds of a horse shoe by its shape. A long shoreline is divided for the natural zones by the hills, therefore, there are different beaches that have varying length. There are small and cozy bays that are hidden as well as the pretty narrow shore lines.


The sea colour of the sunny Alanya impresses with its beauty. From the far away, it is filled with blue, but once you come close, it is almost transparent, even a little bit azure. The water is very pure with its strong dark blue colour, which reminds of a sapphire. The beaches, for the major part, are sandy or made of pebble stones. Coming into the sea can be problematic at times due to tectonic platss that go down into the sea depths, yet in the other cases it is extremely handy and comfortable. The beaches are always tidy, clean, with a high degree of safety, and the beach sand literally creates an effect of transparency. If you are not yet in love yet with the element of water, then it has all what it takes to make you fall in love with the sea. People are diving here with the aqualung, go sailing or just take a relaxed swim at the shore.


The sea water temperature is always moderate, which positively influence the common state of health of a person. The sea shores in Alanya are especially useful for the people who are suffering from the cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the pulmonary, and nervous system. The swimming or bathing here is recommended with a healing purpose against the chronic headaches, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and the metabolic disorders. In addition, the rest at the sea in Alanya is an ideal fit for the women who require rehabilitation in the post-natal period. Moreover, the doctors recommend swimming in the sea in Alanya as the general therapy without a particular specific action.

The sandy beaches in Alanya is the best place for family leisure, especially for the couples with the young children. It is due to the fact that any dangerous sea inhabitants are absent. What is really good is that there is a great amount of diverse starfishes, sea urchins, and the rusty blenny (Parablennius sanguinolentus).


The coastal waters of Alanya are home to many fish species - the bream, sea wolf, red mullet, tuna, and the mackerel. The sea waters are inhabited by cephalic, mackerel, herring, sturgeon, and the other species of fish. Also, in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea at the shores of Alanya, there are cuttlefishes, sea cucumbers, octopuses, squids, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, and the mussels. The marine life can be seen even without scuba diving, wearing only a mask, snorkel, and the flippers. All the wonders of the underwater life are waiting for you! The numerous marine trips offer you to meet the marine inhabitants closer. There are also various types of the sea fishing for the different kinds of fish (mainly tuna fish) with the professional provision of gear aimed at the schools of fish with the help of an echo sounder. Additionally, you can feed the shoals of blue mackerel and tuna, swim with the sea turtles, make friends with the beautiful dolphins, and even get acquainted with the life of the sharks.


Let us come back to the healing qualities of the sea water at the Mediterranean coast of Alanya. The Sea treatment starts from the joy, which should be above all and always come first. As a person is bathing, there is a whole complex of factors that comes into action as one is appearing in an unusual environment: the difference in the waters temperature, the air, and one's own body, the water pressure, the movement of the waves and the air, the sun beams. The adaptation of human body to such contrasts is hardening of one's system. The sea water takes away the heat and the muscle work and the well-established mechanism of thermoregulation compensate for the heat loss. In a moment of immersion, there is a sharp contraction of the skin vessels, so the blood instantly rushes to the internal organs. There is a natural primary chill, which comes the faster, the more the body is hardened. Gradually, the blood vessels of one's skin expand and the person feels warm again. Such kind of redistribution of blood in the body helps to activate all of its systems as it also increases all of its protective functions. With the movement of the waves, the sea water makes a natural hydro massage, improving the state of skin and, to a certain degree, rejuvenating it. Staying in the sea water demands great physical work, meaning that it helps to train and estimate the load one gives to the muscles, cardiovascular, and the respiratory systems.


As a saline solution, the sea water is an electrolyte. The human body, as a rule, also has electrolytic properties. Once their mutual contact happens, the electric currents exchange with the iones: the salt ions that freely exist in the sea water penetrate the body through the skin, and the metabolic products are being released from it into the water. The salts, phytoncides of algae, bacterial marine microflora and, of course, the sunlight (the UV rays penetrate the water by 1 meter depth) affect the skin in a highly positive way.


The water of the Mediterranean Sea contains the types of salts that a person lacks. Penetrating through the skin pores, these salts have a healing effect. For example, the iodine ions are highly important for metabolism, they help in the treatment of atherosclerosis, pneumonia, bronchitis, and the bronchial asthma. The Bromine ions are beneficial for neurosis and the hypertension. It is thanks to the bromine that a person can fall asleep soundly after having bathed well in the sea. The chemical composition of the sea water is actually much similar to the human blood. The dissolved ions of Na, Ca, Mg, K, and Br are deposited upon the skin, increasing its elasticity, reducing the puffiness and tne flabbiness. Therefore, every bathing session in Alanya is a nourishing mask for the skin, a kind of an intradermal "injection" of salts. The sea bathing activates all the oxidative processes, increase the metabolism, and stimulate all the vital functions of the human body. Still, even the usual stay at this sea coast will be a great prevention of the heart and respiratory diseases, as well as a wide range of central nervous system disorders.

Swimming in the sea in Alanya positively influences all the systems of one's body and allows to maintain an excellent physical shape. Speaking of the energy being spent for 100 meters of swimming, it is equal to 1km of running! One should swim at a quiet pace, along the coast line, never swimming past the buoys. If one of us has not learned how to swim yet, we think that you can always start by moving carefully across the sea bottom by gently pushing away from it, as you learn. Just slide on the surface of the sea water and make your first steps towards learning!


During the sea bathing sessions there happens an excitation of the vascular nerve centers, which leads to contraction of the superficial vessels and expansion of the deeper ones. Such kind of blood flow redistribution in combination with the other factors trigger the little-studied mechanisms that enhance the mental activity of a person. It manifests itself with a greater clarity of one's consciousness, quick change of ideas, and an influx of the positive emotions, and the extraordinary thoughts. Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea at the coast of the beautiful ALanya, one breathes the ionized air, feels the taste of the sea water and the beautiful smell of the sea. Listening to the waves, we admire the sea and feel truly happy and complete! Do not wait and come on over, - Alanya is waiting for you!