Alanya is the warmest city and a resort in entire Turkey! A profitable geographic location had a great impact on a way how the climate in Alanya has been shaped. In Alanya there is a Mediterranean Subtropical climate, which makes it possible for the good weather to be present all the year round. Thanks to the fact that Alanya is located at the southern Turkish coast, washed over by the warm Mediterranean Sea, the temperature of the sea water, as well as the air, is few degrees higher here, compared to the other resorts in Turkey. The mountains and the hill upland locations of the southern country greets you with the most beautiful Taurus Mountains, which act as a unique barrier that protects Alanya from the piercing and the cold winds that come from the North of the country. It is an amazing natural shield, a great amount of sun light, warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea that have made it possible for the warm weather to greet both locals and the tourists all the year long. It became a visitor card of Alanya, which has 320 sunny days out of the entire year. An active swimming season in Alanya lasts for about 300 days in a year. Even the winter time in Alanya is not a challenge for those who like to swim since the temperature of the water in winter is at times few degrees higher than a temperature of the air. Meteorology specialists note that the annual temperature in Alanya is +20'C, and the humidity of the air is about 65%. (As a comparison, the annual air temperature in Antalya is +17'C, Sochi is +14'C, Nice is +16'C). The temperature of the sea water is measured depending on the time of the year and varies within +17'C - +23'C from December to May, and +25'C - +28'C - from June to November. Thanks to such climate, one can cultivate different plants in Alanya that usually grow in the wild only in subequatorial and equatorial climate.


Winter in Alanya is very mild, rainy, much alike to a warm Spring time in Europe. The rains are usually not too lengthy and are quickly exchanged for the sun and quiet. The daylight temperatures vary between +12'C and +23'C. The night time temperatures vary from +7'C to +12'C. Alanya is an amazing resort because even in winter the temperature of the sea water ranges from +17'C to +22'C degrees. One can swim, take sun baths, enjoy the lengthy sea trips across the coast that is both picturesque and fascinating. Magical and healing sea breeze will cover you just as if you are underneath the warm and cozy blanket. Coming to Alanya, you will instantly forget about winter times because Alanya is a city of eternal summer, sun, and the warm sea. The winter is rich for surprises: at times you may hear a true Spring time thunder and it will start to rain. However, next to the clouds and the rain you will see how the bright sun comes out. Winter in Alanya is full of citrus tree groves, filled with the juicy and aroma-filled fruits; these are banana trees that can hardly hold up the rich harvest on their leaves; it is the gold of mimosa; it is the bright and shiny carpet of fragnant Spring flowers; it is your unique travel into the summer in the middle of winter. Alanya in winter is the Turkish coffee house that will always welcome you with the arms wide open, it is the pastry shops and the restaurants that will happily invite you to the gaestronomical amazing journey, it is the Turkish traditional music that can be heard everywhere!


Spring in Alanya is extremely short, swift, and bright at the same time. It becomes truly warm all of a sudden and the short rains may follow. However, they do not spoil the entire picture of a beautiful spring time. The plants and the flowers enjoy every bit of humidity provided by these rains. Coming to Alanya in Spring, you will definitely see a true carnaval of the green colours and the flowers basically everywhere and at every corner. The most beautiful and rare aromas fill the air in town, which instantly transforms into a beautiful garden in bloom. Alanya in spring time is incredibly fresh and green, the city unfolds just like a bud of a most beautiful flower. Both the locals and the tourists are always excited to be a part of this spring natural holiday of beauty and the youth. March in Alanya accurately transforms us from winter towards the spring time. The daylight air temperature is not much different from those in winter. Yet, starting from the middle of March and April, the city is captured by the true Spring with a stable temperature that is higher than 20'C. Be warned, at night one can still feel the cool. Everything changes once May comes in, which marks the coming of summer time, which breaks through in Alanya and instantly and without a compromise becomes a master of the city. The weather becomes dry, pleasant, moderate, and sunny. May in Alanya is believed to be a summer month since the air temperature does not go lower than 25'C, and the sea water warms up higher than +20'C degrees. The beaches are calling the tourists and the locals in their cozy and sunny arms. The sightseeing and tourist spots invite to take a trip that will match any funds and tastes. Finally, the numerous sportsgrounds invite you to take part in the world's finest sports battles. The high season has begun!


Summer in Alanya is beyond any possible praise because it is truly one of a kind time! It is no wonder that summer is the most popular time of the year for the tourists that come to Alanya. The temperature of the air vary from +26'C to +33'C degrees. The clouds and the rains are usually absent, there is only the breeze that helps to escape the heat. In July and August, one has 13 sunlight hours out of 24. The weather is dry and hot. The sea is amazing, warm, and soft! The hottest month of the year in Alanya is August when the air can warm up to +40'C - +45'C in the shadows. Still, due to the closeness of the mountains and the mountain air, there is basically no feeling of a heat that you just cannot stand and the hot temperatures are both easy and pleasant. Nevertheless, one should always remember to be accurate and make sure that you are safe from the direct sunlight. This way one will always remain safe from the sun stroke and overheating, and also from the dehydration of your system. Visiting as a tourist in summer, it is crucial to remember of sun screens, umbrellas of all kind, hats, and the headscarfs. One can also buy special slippers for swimming. One should make sure to take an extra care of the children and to control an amount of time they are out in the sun. Even though the tourists spend the majority of time in the beaches, at noon, it is advisable to move to cooler places, just to be safe! For this purpose, there are numerous parks, squares, cafes, and the restaurants that will help the tourists to hide from the burning sun rays. Alternatively, you can go diving, have fun with a sea trip on catamaran, a cozy little motor boat or make a true sea ship tour on a comfortable pirate yacht! During such sea trip you have all the chances to see the dolphins. However, you can find an even cooler place by taking a trip through the mountains. Once you are there, you have an endless amount of opportunities to make a jeep trip or make a trip on the ship towards one of the highest water dams, or take a rafting trip down the mountain's river. You can visit the magic caves that are famous for their stalactites and stalagmites that have been formed during the thousands years, and also a special microclimate that helps to get healthy in terms of breathing for those who suffer from asthma. The mountains in Alanya offer footwalks and the horse riding trips, which will give you the cool and healing coniferous pine tree mountain air. You will enjoy the most beautiful picturesque views upon the Middeterranean Sea, Alanya, and the mountain ranges. You will see the canyons, mountain plateaus, and the picturesque valleys. The famous cable railway (Alanya Teleferik) that starts at the Kleopatra beach will take you straight to historical heart of Alanya city - the Castle of Alanya. Once the evening comes, when the burning sun will hide beyond the horizon, and the temperature will go down to the comfortable +19'C - +22'C degrees, one can once again come back to the beach, take a walk at the shore, visit cafes and the restaurants, and enjoy the numerous entertainment programs, listen to great music of all kinds, dance, and participate in diverse sports competitions.


Autumn in Alanya is equal to luxury. It is the best beach season, which can only be given by so-called velvet season. The air temperature in September is +29'C - +26'C, in November it is +23'C. The water temparature in the sea is around +26'C - +28'C. It is most likely the best moment to have some rest by visiting the amazing beaches of Alanya when the sun is still hot and burning, but already not to dangerous and intensive for one's skin. The best part of it is that the waters are even warmer than they are in summer! October and November in Alanya will also greet you with a warm weather as the air temperature in these months is no less than +23'C. The night are gradually getting cooler and right in the end of November one can see the short-term rains. The warm clothes in this time of the year are not necessary - only the most comfortable and light clothes. The nature in these autumn months will greet the guests and the locals in Alanya with a rich harvest. These are the generous gifts from the gardens and the fields of Alanya - the presents from the ruling Mediterranean subtropical climate in Alanya. The bright colouors and the aromas of the fruits, vegetables, berries, greenery of all kinds - it all unites into a common ideallistic picture of a harmonic co-existence of nature...


We invite each and everyone to visit the fairy tale city of dreams called Alanya!!!