Once you purchase real estate property in Alanya, it is crucial to remember the fact that Alanya is one of the most popular and not overly expensive resorts, as well as the places for the constant or a seasonal residence in Turkey. The state government of the region and the city itself are taking great care about development of the infrastructure and put the most of their efforts to make Alanya provide its guests with the unique opportunities for leisure, active leisure, and one's getting to know of the rich culture of the city and the country as a whole. The city of Alanya aims to become the center where all the interests, friendships, and an active mutual cooperation of the different cultures come together. It is the city where the different nationalities and the cultures co-exist in peace. Exactly due to this fact, as you buy an apartment or a villa in Alanya, you also receive the neighbours from the most distant or unusual parts of the world "as a bonus present". It is not an exaggeration at all because Alanya is truly the center of gravity for the people with the most varied interests, strivings, and the dreams. These are the dreams that can finally come true once you visit Alanya! Alanya is a true diamond of the Turkish Riviera, a resort of the "first choice" for living and the times of leisure when you just need to get away from it all.


At the very beginning of one's meeting of Alanya, it is not difficult at all to sense an overall magic of a unique mixture of the diverse architecture styles. As it is known, an architecture style of any city is its clothing because it is exactly what gives a person the first impression that one has about entire city. The shape and image of a city has been formed and is still formed by the various ideas and directions, and also by the past, present, and the future. The city amazes with its architecture's beauty of its historic and epic buildings. It is a great joy that in the architecture of Alanya, this beautiful diamond of the Turkish Riviera, there are elements of the classic style that can be seen as well as the traditional Ottoman vibes, which make the buildings look in harmony and the elements keep to the proportionality and the strictness of all the shapes and forms. Such style can never go out of style!


At times, the facades of the buildings look more restrained, but it does not make them look any less elegant. There are the elements of the later period of the Ottoman architecture. The stages of history have left its trace in the outside appearance of the city. The modern Alanya combines the contradictory and seemingly incompatible, from the first glance, architecture buildings in an odd, yet still harmonic way, which are always cared for by the local authorities as a cultural and historical heritage. Both the tourists and the guests of the city visit the local attractions of the different epochs with great joy, happiness, and pleasure.


The Selcuk epoch has left the country and the city of Alanya in particular, a great heritage as the simple, harmonic, and elegant buildings that are kept within ideal proportions not only on the outside, but also inside the buildings as well. The style of those far away times is still kept in the modern architecture of the city. Its influence can be seen in the use of the exquisite details, in the dcor of the magnificent entrance doors, as well as in the small cozy inner courtyards.


It is like Alanya brings you into the whirpool of times. The buildings that have been made of stone, - the castles, the towers, citadels, bastions, and even the bathing houses, - they are all decorated with ceramic tiles, elaborately done carvings and ornament on the stones. Here you can write the herbal motives, geometry figures, ancient writings, and much more. In order to give their decorations and the motives the depth and dimensionality, the Turkish masters have used and still use the play of light and the shadows in their works. The city of Alanya allows its guests and the locals to fully enjoy the intertwining of the centuries, the customs, and traditions.


A little bit odd and unusual forms of the numerous hotels in Alanya, as if connecting the sea and the mountains as one, bring joy with their variety and care for details. The buildings in Alanya often remind of the large sea cruise ships with their shapes, which is a pretty well-known and common architecture idea. Some of the facades are decorated with the help of glass. This material can be absolutely transparent, yet at times they like to add some colours. The image of Alanya is not overdriven by the modern touches of architecture, which allows the classic architecture to still rule the city, which allows it to keep its graciousness by calling up the common sense of being safe and living in comfort. Such sense is also helped by all the cozy patios and the tiny picturesque gardens next to the residential complexes, villas, and the houses, which offers their inhabitants lots of options for comfortable life and the times of leisure.


The politics of secularization that has been started by Kemal Ataturk in the XX century have also influenced the spirit of the city and its architecture. This particular architecture vision can be seen mostly in the maximum comfort, clarity, simplicity, modernism, and the functionality of every building. It is exactly this style that has been used for some of the museums, theaters, hotels, offices, and the governmental buildings in Alanya. As for the present times, it should be noted that the municipal authorites of Alanya strictly control all the "urbanistic fantasies" of the construction companies, which are sooner than anything reflecting the speculative rush of trading with the land property than any care of the wise and thought-out organization of the city's territories.


The layout of the city is structured in a very logical and clear way. The main concept of how the city of Alanya is planned is coming from an idea of organizing the cultural and community services within a residential area that is bound by the transport highways and the roads between the buildings. The layout and planning of the neighbourhoods provide an access on foot to all the buildings and the facilities that are necessary to meet person's daily needs without intersection and passing through the intensive traffic flows. A matter of safety, none the less! The city is putting to practice an idea of a rational organizing of community service of the population. There are many open large spaces in the city, which present unique opportunities for the active and and secluded relaxation.


The problem of separation of the automobile traffic and pedestrian walks is solved in a truly wise way. The city grows and becomes larger, so the municipal authorities greatly cope with the tasks of providing the people with the public transportation services. In Alanya, as well as almost all over Turkey, the problem of taxi is virtually non-existent. Literally at every spot, no matter where you are, you can find the specially-made spots to order a taxi from all over the city. You just press the button and just in few minutes after the taxi car is there. The payments go strictly by the counter and never ever beyond that. The driver will not take the longest road out there to make the taxi counter show more. The government and the state of Turkey, which owns the only existing taxi service, is taking great care to make sure that the taxi drivers do not violate the rights of the passengers and provide the first-class service at all times.


One should also note the striving of Alanya to make the new residential complexes as more attractive as they only can and, as a result, make them competitive. There is a great effort being made to avoid the untimely "moral depreciation" of the residential complexes. In addition, there are constant works being lead in the city of Alanya that are aimed at the reconstruction of the residential objects. There is a growing network of the community services, schools, shops, restaurants, sports services and diverse sportsgrounds. Alanya is a true city of sports and health. The city does not stint to allocate the large areas of municipal land for the construction of stadiums, sports and the playgrounds.


The parks and the public gardens are being actively developed. Alanya is a garden city, which changes its bright decoration every season of the year, as if in a fabuluous kaleidoscope, for the totally new and fantastic, intricate forms. The traditional for Alanya residential buildings with the small gardens and the swimming pools perfectly combine the tradition of the economical use of entire territory.


Alanya is being built by the residential complexes and the buildings of the different height and number of floors, as well as the different types and shapes, which creates beautiful architecture-and-spacial compositions. The multitude of the places for living allows to please the demands of the families of different size, diverse tastes, and the income. What is even more important is that their functionality is not being lost, as well as the comfort, and a picturesque look of the residential complexes.


The silhouette of Alanya is formed by the construction of the tower-houses. This is done for the architectural and compositional considerations, as well as due to the striving to preserve the natural qualities of a territory where the large old trees grow. The high-rise buildings seem to close the prospects of the highways and the green spaces, which contribute to the formation of the silhouette of a new city.


The planning uses an approach, which is very handy, especially in conditions of mixed types of buildings, especially on the mountainous terrain and the areas of complex configuration. The use of advantages of the terrain, an open spatial connection with the surrounding mountain and the seascapes, the use of original and diverse lining of the buildings create a unique originality of Alanya. Delightful villas and complexes made out of cottages are just like the bird nests that frame the mountains going up. This creates a sense of growth and a deep perspective, which makes the city’s borders transparent and as if merging with a natural landscape.


Alanya is famous for its high level of a landscape art, caring attitude to the nature, and respect for all living beings, which is reflected in a combination with the contrasting dimensions of the buildings with each other and with the elements of a natural landscape design and the view. The surface of the land is also taken into consideration as a part of a general composition. It's processing is where a great care is being taken, namely the harmonious combination of the planes of the lawns, the flowerbeds, and the tiling with their character.


Inside the districts of Alanya city, there are diverse memorable perspectives. The houses of the residential complexes are located around the parks, which provides their full use. It should be noted that the traffic lanes have a quite picturesque "lining and shapes", still keeping the natural beauty of the mountain layout and landscape of the city.


A lot of care, time, and the efforts are being paid to landscaping, addition of the greenery, and to the improvement of the hygienic living conditions and recreation of the local residents and the tourists. The use of greenery in the residential complexes is extremely diverse. The gardening work is always picturesque and, above all, it always considers the preservation of the old plants and the trees already existing on a spot. A separate honorary role in the local gardening is played by the presence of a lawn, according to which it is allowed to walk across the law, run on it, lie down, and kick the ball. By the way, walking on the lawn does not damage the stable grass cover.


There is a very special attitude to the times of leisure for the children that live in or visit Alanya. The entire city is filled with the diverse playgrounds for the youngesters, as well as with the comfortable sportsgrounds for both young children and the teens. The sports equipment on these sportgrounds contribute to the children's games, their cognitive and motor skills, their physical and creative growth. THe children in Alanya do not feel themselves lost and left on their own in a large city. At every step made, the little ones feel great care of themselvs. The children and the adults alike are always participating in the active games, which strengthen so much required bonds between the generations.


The city breathes with the youthfulness, joy, and the bright hopes. The city of Alanya is waiting for you, it is calling out to you, and will happily accept you to the friendly family of all the nations living here! Our real estate agency will help you to pick the right apartment or a villa of your dreams, our dear friends!

Welcome to Alanya!